Information About Yerkebulan Seidakhmet Injury Went Viral

Information About Yerkebulan Seidakhmet Injury Went Viral

14 January, 15:32
The point of view of the famous coach, George Khutidi, about the injury of the forward of the Kazakhstan national team Yerkebulan Seidakhmet, who got the instep bone fracture during one of the training sessions went viral.

We can partly understand George Khutidi, because he did a lot to bring up such a young and talented football player as Yerkebulan Seydakhmet. We also understand that he is worried about Erkebulan’s career.

Yerkebulan got the fracture in the game moment at a training session before the UEFA Nations League match against Latvia, but the assistant head coach of the national team Kairat Nurdauletov had no intention of playing rudely against a young football player. It happened by accident. The next day, Seidakhmet was going to Germany, for a surgery. Now Yerkebulan is getting better, and nothing threatens his football career.

Football is a contact type of sport, each player can get injuries. Georgiy Khutidi as a man who has devoted his life to football, should understand this.

In addition, we should not forget that Kairat Nurdauletov played 35 matches for the national team and more than once took the team to the field as a captain. 

We wish Yerkebulan a full recovery and we hope to see him soon in the squad of the national team.