The first Kazakhstan football teams appeared in Semipalatinsk.

They were SSK, Olimp, Lastochka, Orlyata and Yarysh. According to some sources, merchants that had visited England before, “brought” football to Semipalatinsk. In that period this city was one of the largest trade centers of Middle Asia and Siberia. FC “Yarysh” at that time featured Mukhtar Auezov (1897-1961), who later became known in many countries as a literature worker, ethnographer and poet, author of the epic novel “Abai’s path” about life and work of the well-known Kazakh enlightener Abai Kunanbayev. The novel had been translated into forty eight languages of the world and published in 2 million copies. It covered the fundamental layer of development and formation of the Kazakh culture. Along with Mukhtar Auezov “Yarysh” included other pioneers of our football, such as Akhmetsalim Karimov (captain), Kasymkhan Mukhammedov, Salakh Khismatullin, Ziyatdin Ryspayev, Mukhammed Saidashev, Yunus Nigmatullin, Amirzhan Syzdykov, Gabdulkhan Gabbasov.Mukhamedulla Kurmanov, Gussman Yambushev, Sabyrzhan Akhmedshin. Together with other enthusiasts they had given rise to Kazakhstan football.

According to some sources found by the oldest Semipalatinsk football historian Yevgeniy Yudin, FC “Yarysh” had become the first Kazakhstani team to have taken part in an international match. This concerned several matches played by “Yarysh” against footballers from the prisoners of the World War I kept in Semipalatinsk. Those matches were of specific interest as the team of prisoners that had been playing against “Yarysh”, several times included two participants of 1912 Olympic Games, according to Yudin’s materials. The first Kazakhstani football players had been holding their games on the square, where before the revolution the famous Semipalatinsk Fair had taken place.


Football appeared in Pavlodar, with the teams “Yastreb” and “Zvyozdochka”. The teams of Semipalatinsk and Pavlodar had been constantly competing with their rivals from the neighboring Russian provinces thereby actively popularizing football in Siberia and Central Asia.


The first football field in Kazakhstan had appeared in Zhambul city.


The first official football tournament was held in Petropavlovsk among provinces of the Kazakh SSR. Some players from the participating teams formed the first national team in the history of Kazakhstan. That team later took part in the I All-Union Workers’ Sports Competition of the nations from autonomies and regions of the RSFSR. In that tournament held in Kazan the team of Kazakhstan had taken part in 5 matches and finished as runners-up.


The first official participation of Kazakhstan’s club team in the All-Union competitions took place. Aktyubinsk’s “Dynamo” had replaced the same-named club from Kuibyshev among the last 64 teams in the final round of the USSR Cup. They had played against Moscow’s CDKA. The match score was 4:0 in favor of the Muscow.


The first ever match of a Kazakhstani club in the USSR Championship among professional teams took place. Alma-Ata’s “Dynamo” had taken the third place among seven participants of the “Easters Cities” group of the III USSR Championship.


It was the first big success of a Kazakhstani club in the All-Union arena. FC “Dynamo” Almaty had won a replayed final match in Taganrog against hosts “Torpedo” 3-1 in the USSR Cup among physical culture teams and won this trophy. This tournament also called “Millions Cup” had involved 2150 teams in its different stages.


The first Kazakhstan Championship among physical culture teams. The first winner of that tournament was “Locomotive” from Dzhambul.


First Kazakhstan Cup among physical culture teams took place. The first winner of that tournament was “Dynamo” from Karagandy city.


FC “Metallurg” from Chymkent reached the final if the VSCPU Cup. In the preliminary stage they had defeated the teams of Baku, Odessa and Stalingrad to qualify in the finals of the VSCPU and won the trophy. In the final game the team of Chymkent scored 3 goals and conceded 1 goal against “Shakhter” from Kemerovo.


The first documented international match in the history of Kazakhstan football. FC “Kairat” defeated FC “Vasa” Finland 4-0 in a friendly match.


The Football Federation of the Kazakh SSR was formed.


FC “Torpedo” from Ust-Kamenogorsk reached the semi-finals of the “Millions Cup”. The first goal scored by a Kazakhstani team in USSR Championship Top League. Sergei Kvochkin from “Kairat” scored it against Moscow “Locomotiv”.

FC “Kairat” from Almaty became the first Kazakhstan football club that took part in the USSR Championship Top League.


FC “Shakhter” from Karagandy became the first ever Kazakhstani club that won the second zone of USSR Championship among B class teams. It won a two-leg match in the finals involving the winners of I and II zones of the USSR championship among B class teams against “Locomotive” from Gomel (1-0, 0-0), and qualified for the USSR Championship among the A class teams of the second group.


FC "Kairat" from Almaty reached the XXII USSR Cup Semi-Finals, that was the best achievement of any Kazakhstani team in that tournament. In semi-finals “Kairat” lost only in the additional time 1:2


FC “Torpedo” from Ust-Kamenogorsk had successfully played preliminary matches, got into the “Grand Final” of the Millions’ Cup and took the third place after a victory against “Dynamo”-3 (Moscow) 3:2, a draw with “Noroch” from Molodechino 0:0 and defeat from “Trud” from Belaya Kalitva 0:2. 40286 teams had taken part in different stages of that tournament. The goalkeeper of “Torpedo” A.Lazarev and forward Y.Timoshenko were recognised the top players in their positions. While among the teams “Torpedo” took the prize “For fair game”'


FC “Kairat” Almaty took the prize “For the Will to Win” in the USSR top flight Championship.


FC “Shakhter” won in the III subgroup of the II group of the USSR Championship among A class teams and qualified for a transition tournament for a spot in the Top League of the USSR Championship. In the final part of the transitional tournament “Shakhter” got a similar number of points with “Dynamo” from Kirovobad, but in the additional match against it “Shakhter” lost 0:1


FC “Kairat” Almaty took the seventh place in USSR Championship Top League, which became the highest achievement of a Kazakhstani club in that tournament.

Kazakhstan Cup among master-teams was held for the first time. Its first winner became “Dynamo” from Tselinograd. The USSR Football Federation formed the Kazakhstani zone of B class teams. It included 21 clubs. The first winner of the tournament was “Yenbek” from Dzhezkazgan.


According to the polls of the youth magazine “Smena”, the defender of the FC “Kairat” Seilda Baishakov became the top player of the USSR Championship Top League. One of the greatest international successes of Kazakhstani club football. FC “Kairat” from Almaty became the first Soviet team won the International Sports Railway Workers’ Union Cup. On its way towards this success “Kairat” had defeated “Locomotive” from Košice (Czechoslovakia) - 4:1 at home and 1:0 in away game. Then it first lost at home to “Slavia” from Sophia (Bulgaria) - 1:3, but had defeated it in away game - 3:0 and got in the finals to meet “Rapeed” from Bucharest (Romania). Their first game in Bucharest ended in a draw - 1:1. And at home “Kairat” won 1:0


The youth team of kazakhstan won silver at the All-Union Tournament "Pereprava".


FC “Bulat” from Temirtau became the second Kazakhstani team that won Millions Cup. In the final game “Bulat” won “Saturn” from Ramenskoye 1:0.


The forward Aleksander Khapsalis from Almaty and the defener Aleksander Kadeikin from Pavlodar became U-19 European Champions.

FC “Kairat” from Almaty became the first Kazakhstani club that won the USSR Championship among the teams of the First League.


The defender of the FC “Kairat” Seilda Baishakov became the first Kazakhstani football player in the USSR national team squad. He debuted in the USSR team against Hungary in Budapest in 1978 World Cup Qualification


FC “Kairat” Almaty for the second time achieved the prize “For the Will to Win” as a result of the USSR Championship Top League.

FC “Tractor” Pavlodar won the USSR Championship Second League in the VII zone, then defeated “Dynamo” of Samarkand and “Torpedo” of Tolyatti in the second group of the second league’s final tournament, thereby it qualified to represent Kazakhstan in the first league of USSR Championship.


FC “Kairat” Almaty won the winter international tournament organized by the “Nedelya” newspaper on indoor pitches in Moscow. In the final match, “Kairat” and “Dynamo” Moscow played a draw in the main time. As a result, the winner was determined after penalties and “Kairat” won 5:4.


FC “Kairat” Almaty won the USSR Championship among the teams of the First League for the second time.


Children`s and Youth Football achieved great victories in the all-Union arena. In Minsk the FC “Sputnik-2” from Ust-Kamenogorsk won the Leather Ball Tournament in the elder group. At the same time, the FC “Zhalyn” from Dzhambul won the competition in the average age group in Kazan.


According to the “Football Review” TV-programme, the midfielder of the FC “Kairat” Vakhid Masudov was voted a scorer of the best goal in the XLIX USSR Championship Top League in October 1986. He had scored that goal in a home match against “Dnepr” from Dnepropetrovsk


The first official participation of a women’s club from Kazakhstan in an All-Union competition. FC “Pretendent” took part in the II All-Union tournament held by “Sobesednik” weekly magazine in the town of Kashira near Moscow.

FC “Kairat” won the USSR Football Federation Cup. In the final game in Kishinev’s Republican Stadium “Kairat” defeated “Neftchi” from Baku 4:1.

The midfielder from the FC “Kairat” Yevgeniy Yarovenko won the final part of the football tournament at the Seoul Olympic Games with the USSR Olympic combined team and became the first Kazakhstani football player to become the Olympic champion.


Forward of the FC “Kairat” Almaty Yevstafiy Pekhlevanidi became the first Kazakhstani football player to sign a contract with a foreign club. He went to Greece to play for the FC“Levadiakos”.


FC “Merei” Almaty became the first Kazakhstani club which took part in USSR women’s football championship among the top flight teams.

Veterans of FC “Kairat” Almaty won silver medals in the USSR championship among veterans. In their final game in Sochi the players from Kazakhstan lost an intense match to “Kuban” from Krasnodar 2:4.


FC “Merei” Almaty won an international women’s tournament in the FRG among 33 teams from Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and other countries.


Kazakhstan national team made an international debut and achieved its first big success by winning the two-round tournament of the First Central Asian Cup.

The First Championship and Kazakhstan Cup in the history of Kazakhstan were held. The FC “Kairat” won both tournaments.

Kazakhstan was included as an associate member in the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

The Football Association of the Kazakh SSR was transformed into an independent structure – the Football Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


FC "Merei" Almaty won the first Russian Open women’s futsal Championship.


The team of veterans of the Almaty ''Kairat'' in the Australian city of Brisbane became the bronze medalist of the World Championship among veterans, beating 2:1 in the match for the third place of the veterans of the city of Sydney (Australia).

FC "Taraz" from Zhambyl won in the Central Asian qualifying tournament of the 5th Asian Cup Winners Cup, the first of the Kazakhstani clubs "Taraz" qualifed to the second round of this tournament. Pavlodar FC "Ansat" and Zhambyl "Taraz", started in the XIV Asian Cup and the 5 Asian Cup Winners Cup, became the first Kazakhstan teams taken part in the AFC official club tournaments.

Kazakhstan national youth team won the qualifying group of the ХХIХ Asian Championship and won the final part of this tournament

International debut of the Kazakhstan U-16 and U-19 teams of the 6th Asian Championship qualification among youth teams and the XXI Asian Championship among youth teams.

Both the qualifying and final parts of these Asian championships are the qualifying stages of the world championships in these age categories.

Kazakhstan was accepted as a full member of FIFA and AFC.


FC "Elimay" from Semipalatinsk became the first Kazakhstani club that reached the second round of the XIV Asian Cup tournament.

Debut in the international arena of the 10th Asian Football Championships qualifiers among women teams.

Forward of Semipalatinsk "Elimay" and Olympic team of Kazakhstan Oleg Litvinenko, became the top scorer of the first stage of the Asian part of the Olympic qualifying round "Atlanta-96", scoring 10 goals. In October 1995, according to AFC, Oleg Litvinenko became the top player in Asia Debut of Kazakhstan Olympic team in the international arena and won in the qualifying group of the first stage of the Asian part of the qualifying round of the XXVI Olympic Games in Atlanta.


FC “Ordabasy” from Shymkent achieved the quarter-finals of the VII Asian Winners Cup and became the first Kazakhstani club achieved the third round of this tournament.

Kazakhstan national futsal team debuted in FIFA’s official tournament as it played in the qualifying group of the III Futsal World Cup in Teheran (Iran).

Kazakhstan national team debuted in AFC’s official tournament as it played in the qualifying round of the XI Asian championship

FIFA referee from Semipalatinsk Aleksandr Borisov refereed the final match of the VII Asian youth championship and became the first Kazakhstani referee to be involved in a major game of the continental championship invited by the AFC

Two Brazilians – forward Marcos Roberto Sampaio Pimenta and defender Antonio Roberto ze Maria were invited to Semipalatinsk’s “Yelimai” and became the first players from far abroad played for a Kazakhstan club.

Semipalatinsk’s FC “Yelimai” got to the quarter-finals of the IV Commonwealth Сhampions Cup and became the first Kazakhstan club reached into the second round of this tournament.


Kazakhstan national team debuted in FIFA’s official tournament by participating in the XVI World Cup France-98 qualifying round and winning the first stage group of the Asian qualifying part.

Semipalatinsk’s “Yelimai” won the “Shtakkerau -97” International tournament in Germany after 2:0 victory in the final match against FC “Swarovski-Tirol” from Tirol (Austria).

FC “Yelimai” from Semipalatinsk won the bronze prize of the “Turkmenbashi Cup” international tournament.


FC “Yelimai” became the first Kazakhstani club that have won the Kazakhstan Championship three times.

Kazakhstan national football team of veterans won the Asian Olympic Games among veterans held in the UAE.

The AFC declared the head coach of Kazakhstan national youth team Vladimir Fomichev became the best coach of Asia in October 1998.

Kazakhstan national youth team took the fourth place in the final round of the ХХХI Asian championship and won the right to represent Kazakhstan in the X World Cup, and reached the final round of the World Cup for the first time.

Kazakhstan national youth team won the Asian championship qualifiers for the second time and qualified the final stage of this tournament.


FC “Irtysh” from Pavlodar qualified to the quarter-finals of the ХIХ Asian Champions Cup.

Midfielder of the FC "Irtysh" Andrei Miroshnichenko became the first player who dscore hundreds of goals in the championships of Kazakhstan.

AFC declared the head coach of Kazakhstan Olympic team Vladimir Fomichev the best coach of Asia in June 1999.

AFC awarded the defender of the FC “Kairat” and the Olympic team of Kazakhstan Andrei Travin for the best goal of Asia in November 1999. The goal was scored in the second round match of the Asian selection round of Sydney-2000 against the Olympic team of Thailand.

Kazakhstan national futsal team debuted in AFC’s official tournament – the first Asian championship held in Kuala-Lumpur (Malaysia) and won bronze medals in it

The Olympic national team of Kazakhstan won the Central Asian qualifying group in the first stage of the Asian qualifying round of the XXVII Olympic Games “Sydney-2000”.

AFC included Kazakhstan in the list of top ten Asian countries that had achieved highest progress in their football development in 1998 season.

The FC “Tobol” from Kostanay won an International tournament in Tunisia. The team of Kostanay got more points than any other participating team including the winner of the African Champions Cup FC “Etoile” from the city Sousse (Tunisia) after playing a goalless draw game with them.

The forward of Almaty FC “Kairat” and Kazakhstan national youth team Yerlan Urazayev scored a goal against the team of Croatia at the X World Cup and became the first Kazakhstani football player scored in the final stage of the world football tournament.


Нападающий алматинского ФЗК «Алиби» и национальной сборной Казахстана по футзалу Талгат Баймуратов, забив на IV Чемпионате Мира по футзалу гол в ворота сборной Бразилии, становится первым казахстанским футболистом, совершившим взятие ворот в матче финальной части Кубка Мира по футзалу.

Футбольная ассоциация Республики Казахстан преобразовывается в Футбольный Союз Казахстана.

Павлодарский «Иртыш» и алматинский ФК «Кайрат», представляя Казахстан в ХХ розыгрыше Кубка азиатских чемпионов и ХI розыгрыше азиатского Кубка обладателей Кубков, впервые в истории добиваются одновременного выхода казахстанских клубов в четвертьфиналы этих турниров.

Алматинский рефери ФИФА Сергей Уфимцев привлекается для обслуживания матчей I клубного Чемпионата Мира и становится первым казахстанским арбитром, судившим матчи финальной части мирового первенства.

Полузащитник алма-атинского ЦСКА «Кайрат» Руслан Балтиев по приглашению АФК вызывается в сборную команду звезд азиатского футбола, в составе которой принимает участие в матче против сборной Ирана, посвященном Дню независимости этой страны.


On December 12 the UEFA Executive Committee with the majority of votes decided to recommend the Congress of the organization to accept the Football Union of Kazakhstan to the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). The Congress took place in April 2002 in the capital of Sweden (Stockholm).'

The UEFA delegation led by the union’s vice-president Dez Casey (Ireland) visited Kazakhstan. The guests visited Almaty and Astana to observe the sport infrastructure and meet the authorities, sport officials and businessmen.

Presentation of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstani football were held at the UEFA Executive Committee in September. FUK’s vice-president Tlekbek Akpayev made a report and then a 20-minute film produced by “Khabar” agency about the history of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstani football was demonstrated.

The Football Union of Kazakhstan withdrew from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) longing to join the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).

Kazakhstan National Futsal team took part in the III Asian Championship in Teheran (Iran). In the quarter-finals our team was defeated by Japan.

FC “Irtysh” from Pavlodar took part in the final round of the Asian Champions Cup in Korea. In the semifinals they lost Japan's “Jubilo Iwata” and in their match for the third place “Irtysh” again lost to Iran’s “Piruzi” and finished fourth.

Kazakhstan national team took part in the 2002 World Cup qualifying round. Its group also included the teams of Macao, Iraq and Nepal. Initially the tournament had to take place in one round in Nepal. However this country’s federation refused to host it. As a result the tournament was held in two rounds with the first one in Bagdad and the second – in Almaty. The only spot in the second round had to be decided in the two-leg game between Kazakhstan and Iraq. The both legs finished on equals, and they had a similar number of points in top of the group. Kazakhstan finished second as it had worse goal difference. The team of Iraq continued the competition for a spot in Korea and Japan.

The AFC declared the head coach of Pavlodar’s “Irtysh” Leonid Nazarenko from Russia the best coach of Asia in March 2001.

FC ''Irtysh” finished second in the western quarter-final group of the ХХ Champions Cup and passed to the semifinals of the competition. Thus “Irtysh” became one of four best teams of Asia.

FC ''rtysh” from Pavlodar represented Kazakhstan in the ХХ Asian Champions Cup. The club replicated its previous year’s record and for the second time in a raw became the best team of Central Asia. They successfully played in two rounds of the competition and qualifyed to the quarter-finals.

Pavlodar’s forward Viktor Zubarev playing in FC “Apollo” (Limassol, Cyprus) was declared the top scorer of the Cyprus Top-League Championship in January 2001.

KFU President Rakhat Aliyev on November 23, 2000 and on January 21, 2001 met in Moscow with FIFA and UEFA Presidents Lennart Johansson and Joseph Blatter. The main purpose of negotiations was realization of Kazakhstan right for membership in the UEFA that meant the transfer of the KFU from the AFC to UEFA. The preliminary part of negotiations finished with no principal objections to Kazakhstan willing to join the UEFA and proposal to find out the official position of the AFC on this theme. On May 10 the AFC published a note of its web-site after discussions at its executive committee, reading that the KFU was free to make decisions itself. After that according to Reuters’ report and the note on UEFA official web-site, Lennart Johansson had stated at a press-conference on May 15 in Dortmund (Germany) that UEFA would be glad to accept Kazakhstan as its 52nd member. Also Mr. Johansson highlighted that Kazakhstan was considered as a country returning to the UEFA as earlier it had already been in the UEFA with the Soviet Union. UEFA executive director Gerhard Aigner added then that with all regulations settled by the KFU the UEFA could consider the issue of its acceptance as soon as in April 2002 in Stockholm at the executive committee and congress of the UEFA.

After that at a press-conference on May 21, 2001, the KFU informed that the Kazakhstani side interpreted UEFA’s statement as a guarantee that the issue would be considered seriously. The KFU began preparing documents for withdrawal from the AFC.


The Russian specialist Leonid Pakhomov, who became the first foreign, was appointed as head coach of the Kazakhstan national team.

European Championship Draw among youth teams under 17 and 19 years was held. Kazakhstan attended the draw for the first time. The rivals of Kazakhstan were Ukraine, Moldova and Estonia. U19 played against Austria, Yugoslavia and Sweden.

Kazakhstan took part in the European championship draw among womens' teams. The rivals included the teams of Israel, Wales, Belarus and Estonia.

The official visit of the UEFA President Lennart Johansson to Kazakhstan. The head of European football was accompanied by Vice-President of the UEFA Pere-Ravn Omdal, Deputy General Director of the UEFA Markus Shtuder and UEFA Treasurer Joe Springers. Almaty hosted the meeting, where L. Johansson met with the President of the Senate of the Parliament Oralbay Abdykarimov and Almatys akim Viktor Khrapunov. As noted by Lennart Johansson, the purpose of his visit to Kazakhstan was to learn more about the Kazakhstan football.

Almaty mini-football club "Alibi" took part in the UEFA Futsal Cup. The rivals of the Kazakhstani players in the group were "Zrinski Karak" (Bosnia and Herzegovina), "Klireks" (Poland) and "Antena 3 boomerang" (Spain), all the group matches were held in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Vice-champion of Kazakhstan - FC "Atyrau" and FC "Kairat" became the first Kazakhstan clubs that participated in the UEFA Cup qualification. "Atyrau" lost two matches to Slovakian "Matador" from Pukhov (0:0 at home and 0:2 away). "Kairat" failed to Yugoslav "Crvena Zvezda" from Belgrade (0:2 and 0:3 away).

Champion of Kazakhstan - FC "Zhenis" from Astana is in the first qualifying round of the Champions League met with Moldovan club "Sheriff" Tiraspol, which six months later would become the winner of the Cup of Commonwealth in Moscow. The first match in Tiraspol ended with the score 2:1 in favor of Moldova. "Zhenis" won in a second leg with the score 3:2, but failed to qualify in the next round of the competition due to the less number of goals scored.

Stockholm hosted the UEFA Congress, where Football Union of Kazakhstan was accepted in the Union of European Football Associations.

The first match of the Kazakhstan national team under the auspices of the UEFA. A friendly match against Estonia was held in Almaty and ended with the score 1:1.


Memorandum of cooperation between FKU, the Agency "Khabar" and "Samsung electronics" was signed, which was also developed in a joint project on the television broadcasts of the matches of each round of the national championship in 2003.


The President of KFU Rakhat Aliyev was awarded with one of the highest awards "Order of Merit" by FIFA for the development and promotion of football in Kazakhstan.

Visit to Kazakhstan of the FIFA President Joseph Blatter. During the visit, the head of world football met with the state secretary of Kazakhstan the O. Abdykarimov. In addition, together with the President of KFU Mr. Blatter laid the stone in the place of construction football fields in the Talgar (Almaty region), which had initiated the establishment of Football Academy. During that business trip the President of FIFA was accompanied by the President of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Mr. Mohammed Bin Hammam, assistant to the President of FIFA Mr. Guy Philippe Mathieu, assistant to the President AFC Mr. Ali al-Meshadi, development Manager FIFA Mrs. Eva Pasquier, FIFA representative in Moscow Mr. Valery Chuhry and Manager of public relations Mr. David Ausseil.

With the home game against the team of Ukraine, Kazakhstan had debut in the World Cup qualification in European qualifying group. The teams head coach was Sergei Timofeev. A day earlier, Kazakhstan U-21 team under was headed by Oirat Saduov had debuted in the European Championship in the qualifying tournament .

At the meeting of the KFF Executive Committee was announced that the President of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev became the honorary President of the Football Union of Kazakhstan.

The presentation of the third volume of the Handbook "Kazakhstan football: 1913-2003". This is the final volume of the Handbook "Kazakhstani football: 1913-2003" - publications containing detailed statistical information relating to the national football.


Kazakhstan referee Ruslan Duzmambetov refereed the matches of the European U-17 Championship in Italy.

Member of the Executive Committees of FIFA and UEFA, three-time winner of the "Golden Ball" Michel Platini visited Kazakhstan. In Almaty a great player visited the matches of the 2006 European Championship qualifying tournament and FIFA 2006 World Cup between the teams of Kazakhstan and Greece.

The solemn opening ceremony of the mini football field, constructed by the Football Union of Kazakhstan with the participation of UEFA took place in Almaty at the stadium "Tsesna" . The field with artificial turf size 22x12 metres, made in Switzerland, became a great gift to Kazakhstani boys dreaming of the big football victories. The ceremony was attended by the President of FGC Rakhat Aliyev, as well as specially arrived UEFA representatives: Eggert Magnusson (member of Executive Committee, President of the Football Federation of Iceland), Jacob Erel (the Head of the Department of national associations) and Gris Sando (assistant to the Head of Department of national associations).

The final match of the Kazakhstan Cup among the teams of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place at the Central Stadium of Almaty. The tournament started in April of the same year.

The Dutch expert Arno Pijpers was appointed as head Kazakhstan national team.


The conference of the Kazakhstan Football Union was held. The conference was attended by the president of KFU Rakhat Aliyev, members of the Executive Committee and delegates of regional football federations. The main result of the meeting was the re-election of KFU President Rakhat Aliyev for a new four-year term. The acting head of KFU received full support from delegates who unanimously supported his candidacy.

Kazakhstan launched a football tournament "Coca-Cola Bylgary Dop", organized by the KFU, the Ministry of Education and science of Kazakhstan, as well as the company "Coca-Cola". The tournament had three age categories, students of 5 000 schools in the country played in the tournament. At year-end tournament will receive a diploma UEFA, as "the most significant event of the year in youth football in Kazakhstan".

The youngest player in the history of the team played in a friendly match between Jordan and Kazakhstan (2:0). It was the midfielder of "Astana" Zhambyl Kukeev, at the day of the game he was 17 years, 4 months and 25 days.

The champion of Kazakhstan in futsal "Kairat"(Almaty) achieved a major international success by becoming a semi-finalist of the 2005-2006 UEFA Cup.


Kazakhstan Football Federation was founded (initially it was Football Federation of Kazakhstan).

The midfielder Ruslan Baltiev became the first player who had played 50 matches for the Kazakhstan national team.

The Kazakhstan national team won their first victory in the official UEFA match at the Central Stadium of Almaty. Our team won Serbia in the 2008 EURO qualifying with a score of 2:1. Kairat Ashirbekov (48 minutes) and Nurbol Zhumaskaliev (67 minutes) scored goals.


The KFF Executive Committee made a decision, the "Super League" was changed to a new one - "Premier League"'.

Kazakhstan Super Cup was resumed. 2007 champion FC "Aktobe" and the winner of the 2007 Cup FC "Tobyl" met at the Central Stadium of Almaty . The match was attended by 12,000 spectators. "Aktobe" won with the score 2:0.

The KFF Head during the business trip was accompanied by the General Secretary Sayan Hamitzhanov and the head of the International Department Yevgeny Ilyin. The KFF delegation held discussions with FIFA president J. Blatter, UEFA President M. Platini and the heads of various departments of international football federations.

The first international youth tournament "President Cup "organized by the Football Federation of Kazakhstan and the football club "Tsesna" with the support of the Peoples Democratic Party" Nur Otan "was held in Almaty. The main prize - $ 10,000 Youth teams U17, representing the football schools CSKA, Spartak (Moscow), CSKA (all-Russia), Besiktas (Turkey), Dynamo Minsk (Belarus), ADO Den Haag (the Netherlands), Ole Brazil (Brazil) and the youth national team of Kazakhstan, which played under the flag of the Almaty club "Tsesna". Participants were divided into two groups. Matches of the tournament were held at the Kazakhstan Stadium Economic University named after T. Ryskulov, as well as at the Central Stadium of Almaty.

At the main arena of the country there was held an openong match of "Ole Brasil" - "ADO Den Haag ", as well as the final match between" Besiktas "and CSKA. The first was attended by 10 000 spectators, and the final - 16 000 spectators. The head of the technical development of FIFA Jean Michel Benezier, the manager of the development of FIFA Eva Pasquier and the manager of the project of UEFA "Hat-Trick" Joseph Clement attended the event. In addition, the final match was attended by the president of PFC CSKA (Russia) Evgeny Giner. The Istanbul "Besiktas" won the tournament. In the final, the Turkish team beat Moscow CSKA 3:1. In the match for third place Moscow "Spartak" won "Ole Brasil" 2:0.

Kazakhstan U21 futsal team won the 2008 European Championship qualifying tournament, held in Hungary. Our team coached by Amirzhan Mukanov won the teams of Hungary, Belarus and Latvia and qualifyed for the final tournament.


FC "Kairat" Almaty for the third time in the last four seasons reached the Final Four UEFA Futsal Cups. Final Four seasons-2008/2009 was held in Ekaterinburg (Russia). In the match for the 3rd place, Kazakhstan beat Moscow "Dynamo" 1:0.

April 29, the FIFA delegation led by the President of this organization Joseph Blatter visited Almaty. In addition to the head of world football, the delegation includes the FIFA development manager Eva Pasquier, the assistant to the FIFA president Guy-Philippe Mathieu and the media attaché of the FIFA president Daniel Leb. The day was very busy for the guests of Kazakhstan. In the first half of the day, a meeting was held with the leadership of the Kazakhstan Football Federation. Later, Mr. Blatter met with President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. The President of Kazakhstan presented the Order of Dostyk to the head of FIFA. After that, a press conference was held with the participation of Mr. Blatter and KFF President Adilbek Jaxybekov. In the evening the FIFA delegation visited the final match of the President Cup between the teams "Semey-93" and "Rubin".

July 3, a solemn opening ceremony of a new football stadium in Astana took place. The stadium, later named "Astana Arena", seats 30,000 spectators and has a retractable roof.


In April, the FIFA World Cup trophey for the first time was delivered to Almaty. April 17, the trophey arrived to Astana. On April 18, it was returned to the southern capital of Kazakhstan.

FC "Aktobe" reached the UEFA Cup playoffs. At this stage of the competition, the Aktobe team lost to the German "Werder Bremen" (0:2).


April 29 - May 1, Kazakhstan hosted the matches of the Final Four of the UEFA Futsal Cup. The competition took place in the Baluan Sholak Sports Center. FC "Kairat" Almaty won bronze medals.

December 13, the Kazakhstan Football Federation (KFF) became a full member of the UEFA referee convention.


FC "Shakhter" Karagandy qualified for the group stage of the Europa League. FC "Shakhter" became the first Kazakhstan club, which managed to qualify into the group stage of European Competition.

FC "Kairat" Almaty for the first time won the UEFA Futsal Cup.


Futsal FC "Kairat" Almaty for the first time in the history of the domestic futsal won the World Super Cup.


FC "Kairat" Almaty for the second time in its history won the UEFA Futsal Cup. In the final match "Shakhter" defeated the Spanish "Barcelona".

FC "Astana" became the first club in the history of Kazakhstan football, which managed to qualify for the group stage of the Champions League, had beaten Cyprus "APOEL" - 2:1 (1:0 at home, 1:1 away). The rivals in the group stage were "Benfica", Madrid "Atletico" and the Turkish "Galatasaray".


In the European Futsal Championship our team got in the same group as Russia and Croatia. In the first match the team lost to Russia (2:1), and in the second match they beat Croatia (4:2). Thanks to this victory, the Kazakhstanis reached the playoffs of the European Championship. In the quarter-finals the team unexpectedly defeated the Italians (5:2), but in the semifinals lost to the Spaniards (3:5). In the match for the bronze our team beat the Serbs (5:2).

February 22, Kazakhstan specialist Vahid Masudov was appointed the senior coach of the Kazakhstan national youth team.

In the World Futsal Championship in Colombia, the Kazakhstan team got in the same group as Argentina, Costa Rica and the Solomon Islands. In the first match, our team lost to the Argentines (0:1), after beating Costa Ricans (3:1) and the Solomon Islands team (10:0). In the round of 16, our team lost to the Spaniards (2:5).

November 28, Astana hosted the XIV Extraordinary Election Conference of the Kazakhstan Football Federation. On the agenda the issue on election of the KFF president was considered. The conference was attended by members of the Federation and members of the Executive Committee, the KFF employees, delegates of regional football federations, as well as representatives of the media. As part of the event, delegates voted for the candidacy of Seilda Bayshakov.


The Kazakhstan U19 team won the silver medals of the international Granatkin Memorial tournament. Having played in a draw against Slovakia (0:0) and Azerbaijan (2:2), Kazakhstan defeated the teams of Lithuania (2:0), Slovenia (2:0) and Greece (2:1) and reached the final of the tournament, (0:1).

February 27, Russian specialist Alexander Borodyuk was appointed head coach of the Kazakhstan national team.

FC "Astana" for the first time in the history of Kazakhstan football qualified for the round of 32 of the Europa League (group ''A'' runneres-up)


February 10 Adilbek Jaxybekov was elected President of the Kazakhstan Football Federation.

FC "Astana" qualified for the round of 32 of the Europa League, the rivals in that match was FC "Sporting" (Portugal). As the result of two matches, the Astana club lost to the team from Lisbon.


February 1, 54-year-old Czech specialist Michal Bilek has been appointed the head coach of the Kazakhstan national team.

The football club 'Astana' has qualified for the UEFA Champions League qualifying tournament.

The Kazakhstan national under-17 team wins the XII International Youth Football Tournament - President's Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On September 8, Kazakhstan beach soccer team wins silver of EuroLeague Division B. In the final, our team losos to Azerbaijan.

The football club 'Kaisar' (Kyzylorda) wins the Kazakhstan Cup. In the final match, 'Kaisar' defeats 'Atyrau' (2:1).

The Kazakhstan national team played 10 matches in the UEFA Euro-2020 qualifying tournament and scored 10 points.

The KFF Football Awards ceremony of the best football players, coaches and managers according to the results of the 2019 season took place at the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Nur-Sultan.


The Kazakhstan national futsal team qualified for the 2020 World Cup final stage in Lithuania, having played in the elite round with the teams of Romania (1:3), Slovenia (4:3) and the Czech Republic (5:2).

On February 29, the capital FC "Astana" having won a minimal victory (1:0) against the FC "Kaisar" - Kyzylorda became the winner of the Kazakhstan Super Cup. The match took place in Kostanay, at the arena "Tobyl Arena".

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, football in Kazakhstan, as well as around the world, was suspended.

The championship of Kazakhstan, which started in March, resumed on August 18 and ended on November 3. FC "Kairat" from Almaty won the golden medal of the Premier League championship. FC "Tobol" from Kostanay took the second place, and the capital "Astana" took the third.

In autumn, the Kazakhstan national team started in the 2020/21 UEFA Nations League. Kazakhstan played in group 4 (League "C"), with the teams of Lithuania, Belarus and Albania became rivals. According to the results of the tournament, the Kazakhstan national team took the last place, gaining four points in six matches.


March 2021. The football season started with the Kazakhstan Super Cup, which took place in Turkestan, at the new stadium "Turkestan Arena". The tournament was held in a new format: FC Kairat, Astana, Tobol and Shakhtar competed for the trophy. FC "Tobol" from Kostanay won the Super Cup for the first time, having beaten FC "Astana" in the final on a penalty shoot-out (1:1, pen. - 5:4).

28 March, 2021 the Kazakhstan national team, coached by Talgat Baisufinov started in the 2022 World Cup qualififcation. Kazakhstan got into Group D with France, Ukraine, Finland and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The match Kazakhstan vs France was held at the ''Astana Arena''. France won 2:0. Kazakhstan finished in 5th place with three points after striking draws in away matches against Bosnia (2:2) and Ukraine away (1:1), home (2:2).

August 2021, the Kazakhstan beach soccer team, coched by Bulat Alenov, won the bronze medal of the Euroleague in Chisinau (Moldova). Kazakhstan played 5 matches and with 4 victories qualified for the elite round of the Euroleague Promo Final.

FC "Kairat" from Almaty for the first time qualified for the UEFA Conference League group stage. In the play-off "Kairat'' won "Fola" from Luxembourg. The rivals in the group stage of the Almaty team were FC "Karabakh" (Azerbaijan), "Basel" (Switzerland) and "Omonia" (Cyprus).

6 October, 2021. Kairat won the Kazakhstan Football Cup. In the final, the FC ''Kairat'' beat ''Shakhter'' in a penalty shootout (9:8), (main time - 3:3).

The Kazakhstan futsal team took fourth place at the World Championship in Lithuania, giving the best result in history. The team coach by Ricardo Kaka played against Costa Rica (6:1), Lithuania (3:0) and Venezuela (1:1) in the group stage. In the 1/8 final match, our team confidently beat the Thai team (7:0), and in the quarterfinals, Kazakhstanis defeated Iran with (3:2). The national team of Kazakhstan got into the top four teams in the world and was one step away from reaching the final of the World Cup, but our futsal players lost to the future world champion in a penalty shootout. In the match for bronze medals, the Kazakhstani team lost to the Brazilian team with 2:4. According to the results of the tournament, the leader of the Kazakhstani team Douglas Junior became the owner of the bronze ball of the World Cup, and the forward of the Kazakh team Tainan, having scored 6 goals, became the third scorer of the tournament. Moreover, the Kazakhstan futsal team was awarded a special prize from FIFA "Fair Play" for fair play.

On October 30, the Tobol football club became the champion of Kazakhstan-2021. In 26 matches, the Kostanay team scored 18 wins, drew 7 times and suffered 1 defeat, gaining a total of 61 points.


The Kazakhstan national futsal team took part in the 2022 Euro group stage in the Netherlands. The team coached by Ricardo Kaka played against Slovenia (4:4), Finland (6:2) and Italy (4:1), however, lost to the Ukrainian team (3:5) in the quarterfinals. According to the results of Euro 2022, the forward of the Kazakhstan national team Birzhan Orazov became the top scorer of the tournament with 7 goals in 5 matches.

28 February 2022, the XXI Regular Conference of the Kazakhstan Football Federation took place in Astana. Adlet Barmenkulov was elected as the new KFF President.

2 March, 2022 - Kazakhstan Super Cup 15th draw took place with the participation of the current champion - FC "Tobol" and the owner of the Kazakhstan Cup - FC "Kairat". The match was held at the Astana Arena stadium. FC ''Tobol'' won (2:1) the Kazakhstan Super Cup for the second time.

5 March, 2022 - the Olimpbet-Kazakhstan Football Championship started the 31st season, 14 teams took part. From the 2022 season of the Kazakhstan Premier League, the VAR system began to be used. Football club "Astana" became the seven-time champion of the country, gaining 53 points in 26 matches.

24-29 March, 2022 - the Kazakhstan national football team played against Moldova for the right to remain in League C of the UEFA Nations League. According to the results of the two-match confrontation, the team coached by Andrey Karpovich, defeated the Moldovans in the penalty shoot-out (total score 2:2, penalties - 5:4).

On May 6, 44-year-old Russian specialist Magomed Adiev was appointed to the post of head coach of the Kazakhstan national football team.

June 2022, theKazakhtan national team started in the new season of the UEFA Nations League. Kazakhstan is in Group 3 of League C along with the national teams of Azerbaijan, Slovakia and Belarus. According to the results of the group stage, the team coached by Magomed Adiev won in their group and promoted to the play-offs of the 2024 Euro qualification. During the tournament, the national team won four games, once played a draw and once defeated.

For the first time, the Kazakhstan e-football team made it to the final stage of the FIFAe Nations Cup 2022 in Denmark. The national team of Kazakhstan with Aknazar Bekseitov and Olzhas Yesentaev went through two stages of selection: first, our e-football players played with such teams as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Bahrain and Morocco. In the next round, South Africa, Morocco, the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia became rivals. At the FIFAe Nations Cup in Copenhagen, the Kazakhstani team showed a decent game and was one step away from reaching the playoffs of the tournament.

In July, the Kazakhstan beach soccer team took part in the Euroleague 2022 in Chisinau and became the fourth best team in the B division. Thanks to the successful performance, our beach players won a ticket to the top division of the Euroleague next season.

Qualification for the 2024 Futsal World Cup began in September. The team coached by Ricardo Kaka successfully started in the main round against Slovenia and Montenegro, scoring three wins in three matches.

19 September, 2022 - Astana hosted the Conference of the Kazakhstan Football Federation, which approved the Strategy on Development of Kazakhstani football until 2034. Also, following the results of the Conference, new members of the KFF Executive Committee were elected.

9 October, 2022 the draw for the qualifying round of the 2024 European Football Championship took place, as a result of which the Kazakhstan national team was in group H along with Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Northern Ireland and San Marino. Qualifying games will start in March 2023.

9-11 November, 2022 - Astana hosted the UEFA STEP workshop supported by the UEFA Assist and UEFA Academy programs and with the participation of specialists from football associations of Central Asian countries, as well as regional federations and football clubs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

December, 2022 - According to the project "Altyn Adam - Man of the Year" the head coach of the Kazakhstan national team Magomed Adiev was awarded '' 2022 Best Coach'', the national team's goalkeeper Igor Shatskiy was awarded ''2022 Best Sportsman'' nomination.


Сборная Казахстана в отборочном турнире Евро-2024 попала в группу H, где соперничала с командами Дании, Словении, Финляндии, Северной Ирландии и Сан-Марино.

Команда Магомеда Адиева набрала рекордные 18 очков, одержав 6 побед в группе и боролась за прямой выход на чемпионат Европы до последних минут заключительного тура против Словении.

Ошеломляющие результаты главной команды страны вызвали небывалый интерес и ажиотаж болельщиков, чему свидетельствует заполняемость «Астана Арены» в 2023 году. Пять матчей сборной Казахстана посетило 144 396 зрителей.

11 февраля юношеская сборная Казахстана U-17 завоевала серебренную медаль на Кубке Развития-2023 в Минске.

25 февраля состоялся 16-й розыгрыш Суперкубка РК с участием чемпиона прошлого сезона КПЛ «Астаны» и обладателя Кубка страны «Ордабасы». Матч прошел на стадионе «Астана Арена», где столичная команда одержала победу со счетом 2:1 и завоевала первый трофей сезона в Казахстане.

4 марта стартовал 32-й сезон Olimpbet-Чемпионата Казахстана по футболу, в котором приняли участие 14 команд.

Футбольный клуб «Ордабасы» впервые в своей истории стал чемпионом страны, набрав 58 очка в 26 матчах.

24 марта Казахстанская федерация футбола и компания «Errea Sport» представили новые комплекты игровой формы национальной сборной, произведенные при содействии УЕФА в рамках программы поддержки по экипировке.

Свои первые матчи в новой футбольной экипировке сборная Казахстана провела в июне 2023 года против Сан-Марино и Северной Ирландии.

7 мая Нуралы Алип досрочно стал двукратным чемпионом России. «Зенит» набрал 64 очка и оформил пятое чемпионство подряд за четыре тура до конца чемпионата.

В мае 2023 года президент ФИФА Джанни Инфантино посетил Казахстан с рабочим визитом, в ходе которого были обсуждены вопросы по реализации совместных проектов ФИФА и КФФ по развитию футбола в стране.

Джанни Инфантино также побывал на приеме главы государства Касым-Жомарта Токаева в Акорде, где были подняты вопросы повышения потенциала казахстанского футбола и развития детско-юношеского спорта.

12 июля на 73-м году ушел из жизни один из величайших игроков в истории казахстанского футбола, президент союза ветеранов футбола РК, советник президента Казахстанской федерации футбола Сеильда Байшаков.

31 июля КФФ совместно с УЕФА запустила программу «ALAÑ» по реновации футбольных полей в Казахстане.

В 2023 году были сделаны реновации футбольных полей в Алматы, Шымкенте, Актобе, а также области Жетісу. Программа рассчитана на три года.

23 августа Бактиер Зайнутдинов перешел в турецкий «Бешикташ», заключив контракт до 2027 года. Игрок сборной Казахстана выбрал 22-й номер в новом клубе.

Спустя день после официального объявления трансфера Зайнутдинов дебютировал за «Бешикташ» и забил победный гол своей команды в квалификационном матче Лиги конференций против киевского «Динамо» (3:2).

25 августа Казахстанская федерация футбола запустила инновационный проект Playmakers в сотрудничестве с УЕФА и Disney, который призван вдохновлять девочек в возрасте от 5 до 8 лет на занятие футболом.

10 сентября президент Казахстана Токаев посетил стадион «Астана Арена», чтобы поддержать национальную сборную в матче с Северной Ирландии, где наша команда одержала победу со счетом 1:0. Этот визит на матч команды Магомеда Адиева стал первым для главы государства.

Два месяца спустя Касым-Жомарт Токаев снова посетил игру сборной Казахстана против Сан-Марино, в которой наша команда одержала уверенную победу со счетом 3:1.

10 сентября игру сборной Казахстана с Северной Ирландией (1:0) посетил прославленный отечественный боксер Геннадий Головкин, который специально прилетел из США для того, чтобы поболеть за национальную команду.

Позже Головкин побывал в Доме футбола, где ознакомился с работой федерации футбола Казахстана.

13 сентября юношеская сборная Казахстана до 19 лет заняла второе место в международном товарищеском турнире «Slovenia Nations Cup-2023», который состоялся в Словении.

В турнире помимо сборной Казахстана участвовали команды Кыргызстана, Португалии, Мексики, Исландии, Словении, Саудовской Аравии и ОАЭ.

22 сентября гол Асхата Тагыбергена в ворота сборной Дании был номинирован премию Пушкаша за лучший гол года. Перед этим УЕФА признало удар капитана сборной Казахстана лучшим во втором туре квалификации Евро-2024.

28 сентября в Астане впервые прошли курсы UEFA категории «B» по футзалу. Обучение состоит из 4 модулей в офлайн формате и 2 модулей в онлайн режиме.

19 октября Бактиер Зайнутдинов стал лучшим бомбардиром в истории сборной Казахстана, оформив дубль в ворота сборной Финляндии в победном матче в Хельсинки. Игрок «Бешикташа» забил 13-й и 14-й мяч в футболке сборной и опередил Руслана Балтиева.

24 октября игроки национальной сборной Казахстана Асхат Тагыберген, Бактиер Зайнутдинов и Максим Самородов были награждены медалью «Ерен еңбегі үшін» указом Президента Касым-Жомарта Токаева за значительный вклад в социально-экономическое и культурно-духовное развитие страны, укрепление дружбы и сотрудничества между народами и активную общественную деятельность.

25 октября в Астане в рамках программ UEFA Assist и UEFA Academy прошел заключительный модуль образовательного курса UEFA CFM (Certificate in Football Managment) для футбольных менеджеров, который стартовал в феврале 2022 года.

В обучении приняли участие представители региональных федераций футбола, ассоциации футзала и футбольных клубов РК, а также специалисты зарубежных стран. Спикерами выступили ведущие эксперты УЕФА, а также профессоры университетов Лозанны (Швейцария), Глазго (Шотландия), Боккони (Италия), Пуатье (Франция), Биаркбек (Лондон, Англия).

4 ноября в доме футбола был открыт музей Казахстанского футбола в рамках празднования 110-летия казахстанского футбола, а также в целях сохранения богатой истории и популяризации отечественного футбола.

В честь данного события в адрес Федерации поступили поздравительные письма от президента ФИФА Джанни Инфантино и президента УЕФА Александра Чеферина.

Также в честь открытия музея казахстанского футбола Адлет Барменкулов был награжден благодарственным письмом от Международной ассоциации спортивной прессы (AIPS).

5 ноября состоялся финальный поединок 31-го розыгрыша Кубка Казахстана, где встретились «Ордабасы» и «Тобол». На стадионе «Астана Арена» победу одержала команда из Костаная благодаря голу Ислама Чеснокова 67-й минуте игры.

17 ноября народный артист Казахстана Димаш Кудайберген посетил матч сборной Казахстана против Сан-Марино, где наша команда одержала победу со счетом 3:1.

1 декабря гол Асхата Тагыбергена в ворота сборной Дании был признан лучшим в отборе на чемпионат Европы-2024 по версии болельщиков, в то время как технические наблюдатели УЕФА поставили гол Тагыбергена на восьмое место.

5 декабря женская сборная Казахстана завершила выступление на групповом этапе Лиге наций УЕФА, где набрала 8 очков дважды обыграв сборную Армении. Команда Мадияра Кембилова сначала одолела противников в гостях со счетом 2:1, а затем и дома со счетом 4:1. Кроме этого, женская сборная сыграла нулевые ничьи со сборными Израиля и Эстонии.

14 декабря сборная Казахстана по футзалу вышла на чемпионат мира, одержав шесть побед в шести матчах в элитном раунде квалификации к турниру.

Путевку на мировое первенство подопечные Пауло Рикардо Кака оформили за тур до конца, обыграв сборную Нидерландов со счетом 2:0.

Финальный турнир чемпионата мира по футзалу пройдет с 14 сентября по 6 октября 2024 года в Узбекистане.

14 декабря президент Казахстана Касым-Жомарт Токаев поддержал сборную Казахстана по футзалу в матче против Нидерландов. В компании главы государства посмотрел игру и казахстанский профессиональный боксер Жанибек Алимханулы.

26 декабря Адлет Барменкулов был признан лучшим спортивным менеджером года по версии министерства туризма и спорта РК.