The rules of conduct

The rules of conduct

1. Spectators of sporting events attending (entering) sports facilities shall have the right:

1.1. enter the stadium with tickets, invitations or documents (accreditations) of the required type, which give the right to enter before and during the match (the start time of the passage of spectators into the stadium is determined by the organizers of the event).

1.2 Use all services provided by the stadium organizers and administration.


2. Spectators are obliged to:

2.1 Purchase tickets for the match from an official partner of the event organizer.

2.2. agree with the organizers of the event to place banners on the fencing that meet the established requirements (the content of the inscriptions must not violate the current legislation of Kazakhstan, UEFA and FIFA requirements, and must not contain political, religious slogans, insults to football match participants, referees, other spectators, police officers and other persons).

2.3 Arrive at the stadium well in advance of the event, taking into account the time for security checks at the entrance to the stadium.

2.4 Observe and maintain public order and generally accepted standards of behavior.

2.5. behave respectfully towards other spectators and participants in the event, service personnel, persons responsible for the observance of order, and avoid actions that create danger to others.

2.6 Present tickets, invitations or documents (accreditations) to the event organizers, private security firms and law enforcement authorities, which give the right to enter the event, as well as passes for vehicles to enter the territory of the sports facility. At the same time to occupy seats, strictly in accordance with the seats indicated in the purchased tickets, invitations or documents.

2.7. be checked (inspected) by law enforcement officials, private security firms at the entrance to the stadium.

2.8. comply with the lawful orders of the event organizer, stadium administration and law enforcement agencies.

2.9. immediately notify the stadium administration or law enforcement officials if suspicious objects or things are found and if smoke or fire breaks out.

2.10. Upon being informed of an evacuation, act according to the instructions of the organizers of the event, the administration of the sports facility, employees of private security firms and internal affairs authorities responsible for ensuring law and order, in a calm and non-panic fashion.

2.11. Persons failing to comply with clauses 2.4 to 2.7 of these rules shall not be allowed or may be removed from the event.


3. Spectators are not allowed:

3.1 Enter sports venues while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, carry and drink alcoholic beverages and use psychotropic and narcotic substances.

3.2 To bring weapons, flammable, explosive, poisonous, pyrotechnic, odorous substances, stabbing and cutting objects, large-sized suitcases and bags, glassware, bottles and other objects that interfere with other spectators and the normal conduct of the event to the sports facility.

3.3 Wear or display signs or other symbols aimed at inciting racial, social, national hatred, insulting the participants of the event and other spectators.

3.4 Throw objects into the stands, the pitch and perform other actions that violate the order of the event and the regulations of the sporting event.

3.5 Allow shouting or other actions that degrade the human dignity of the participants of the event, spectators or offend human morals.

3.6 Stay in the aisles and staircases during the event, interfere with the movement of participants and spectators, stand on chairs, climb on fences, parapets, lighting fixtures, masts and supporting structures and damage the property of the stadium.

3.7. carry on trading, writing and displaying advertisements, posters and other information products without the written permission of the stadium administration.

3.8 Hold any unauthorised political action.

3.9 Engage in the resale of tickets.

3.10. Enter and run out on the field of play before, during and after a sporting event.

3.11. Smoking tobacco/e-cigarettes/heating tobacco systems within the stadium grounds.

3.12. Pass to the event with animals.

3.13 Spectators not complying with these rules of conduct at sports venues, listed in clauses 3.1 - 3.12, will be removed from the event and if they commit illegal actions will be held liable in accordance with the RK legislation.

3.14. The organizer of the event, in cases where fines have been imposed on it for the actions of certain persons who violate clauses. 3.2 - 3.10, reserves the right to apply to the judicial authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to recover the losses incurred.