Stanimir Stoilov: “If Georgians lose points, then we will have chances”

Stanimir Stoilov: “If Georgians lose points, then we will have chances”

09 October 2018, 19:40
The head coach of the Kazakhstan national team Stanimir Stoilov, on the eve of the October matches of the UEFA Nations League, answered questions from the media.

- We have one replacement in our squad. Due to the injury, Erkebulan Tungyshbaev has been replaced by Alexander Sokolenko from “Kairat”. The rest our players are fit.  Suyumbaev is not fit enough, but I think that in a couple of days he will be able to train in full. In the period between the previous and the upcoming matches of the UEFA Nations League, many players got enough opportunity to play.

- The first two matches showed that we had enough problems in our team. What are you expecting from the team now?

- We with the coaching staff considered the problems and looked for ways to solve them. If we talk about the results, we didn’t like the last two matches, but if we talk about the game itself, I think we played not so bad. We took the lead. Of course, they conceded goals and could have scored. The two games in September were difficult for our forwards, as they had no match practice for several months. Now we are trying to improve our skills. When we start to make less mistakes in defense and score more, then the whole team will meet the requirements of the European level. As for the result - I have already said that we could have played the second number and get better result, but I do not think that the game with the second number is a priority for the long road of the national team. We should change our game style. I see that some changes have already took place. Now we need to correct the result. The team play the same in attack and defense, but the final result does not suit us. In the next matches, I hope, we will be able to correct something else in our game and do our best.

- Due to the injury, the forward Tungyshbaev is replaced by the defender Sokolenko. What can you say about the game strategy now?

- We have three forwards. Thus, in the attack six positions were closed. There will be six players in the attack. Vorogovsky can play on the left in an attack and, thus, we will continue to use our strategy - four players on the flanks and two in the center. We have twenty players to solve this question, not counting the goalkeepers.

- The same players have been recalled to the TCB. Do you think we have a lack of Kazakhstani players?

- The level of football that other Kazakhstani teams show does not suit me. It is necessary to raise the level of the club championship, and then it will be easier for any coach to choose players. It all depends on the clubs. It is necessary to solve these problems. I have already told about this at the first press conference.

- Are there any other candidates for the national team in the nearest future?

- Yes, there are still players who are young or seldom play in their clubs. Now we have a young team, many newcomers have arrived. As I said earlier, I wanted the team to have players who would defend the colors of the national team in the next 5-6 years, and maybe more. Our current squad needs to gain experience.