Magomed Adiev: "We expect a serious, tough game''

Magomed Adiev: "We expect a serious, tough game''

19 June 2023, 01:11
The Kazakhstani head coach Magomed Adiev shared his opinion about the upcoming away game against Northern Ireland.

- We're expecting a serious, tough game. They have played poorly in recent matches at home, so Northern Ireland certainly will try to do their best.

- The coach of the Northern Ireland team said that it was hard to analyze Kazakhstan because our players were not well known. Do you agree that this is an advantage for the Kazakhstan team?

- I disagree. We do not see any problems in this regard, there is an analysis of the game and the team, the coach does this. There are no benefits to this. 

- Abat Aimbetov has returned, is he a very important player for you?

- For us, every player is important. According to Abat, no matter what I say, it will never be enough, he gives results in many games. I didn't have any questions for him in any match. Even without scoring, he is always for the team, given to the game.

- Northern Ireland is like a typical British team that prefers power football. What are you expecting from the game?

- Yes, they have ancestral football, a lot of running work. They are trying to use flank passes. Much to be fought. In the center of the field it will be necessary to interrupt the game, precisely with their interactions.

- Are there personnel problems and should we expect a defensive game from the Kazakhstan national team?

- Everything is in order, there are no problems. A game? Probably, I will not please you again, you know my approach, I am not an attacking or defensive coach, I always want balance in the game.

- Those guys who were not on the list in the match against San Marino can expect to be included in the list this time?

- Three players will not be included in the application. It is clear that one of the central defenders will miss. I remain principled, even when making difficult decisions.

- A unique situation has developed in our group, four teams have six points in their assets, will the same intrigue continue until the last round at the end?

- I initially said that the group is very difficult, specific, and I expected that everyone would lose points. I am not surprised that someone loses points and this will continue until the last rounds.