Ricardo Kaka: “We are taking this match against the Netherlands seriously”

Ricardo Kaka: “We are taking this match against the Netherlands seriously”

13 December 2023, 17:05
The Kazakhstani futsal team, Paulo Ricardo Kaka, at a pre-match press conference on the eve of the elite round match of the 2024 World Cup qualification, spoke about preparations for the home game against the Netherlands.

– Tomorrow we have a tough and decisive match. We are taking this match game seriously. There are no small things here, we have to be fully ready and we are doing our best.

Talking about the team of Netherlands, I would say that they are outsiders only in terms of the number of points, but not in the game. This team played well against us in the first match, and played a good match against Azerbaijan, despite the defeat. They progress as the Elite Round progresses. We respect our opponent. There should be no underestimation. I can’t say anything now about the new player for tomorrow's game. It'll be clear later.

– There was a nervous start in the home match against the Azerbaijani national team. Will there be the same nervous game tomorrow or will everything go according to your plan?

– Experience is not about age or time. Experience comes after certain situations in the match. If we don’t have the same mindset in the next match, it means we haven’t gained any experience from the previous game. But we already realize that we cannot start the match in this way, as it was against Azerbaijan. Tomorrow we must show that we are already an experienced team.

– What prospects do you see for young football players in the coming years?

– I see this with a little optimism. Our reserves are too small. In order for us to be able to maintain our place in the world rankings during the change of generations, we need to work even harder: create a U-17 and U-19 national team, raise the level of youth teams, improve the quality of the domestic championship. However, now we have a few players only, who probably will play at the world level in the following couple of years.

– In case of victory over the Netherlands national team, will young footballers who do not get match practice play away match in Romania?

– All decisions about the match against Romania will be made only after the end of tomorrow's match. When there is no focus and you think on two fronts, you risk being neither here nor there. Therefore, for now we are only thinking about the match against the Netherlands.

– What would you say about Askhat Kulbaev from Aktobe?

– He performs well in training. But it’s one thing to play in training, another thing in the game. If he gets his chance tomorrow and proves that I should have called him earlier, then I will be only happy.