Ricardo Kaká: “There are no good groups at the World Cup”

Ricardo Kaká: “There are no good groups at the World Cup”

27 May 2024, 11:30
The Kazakhstani futsal coach Paulo Ricardo Kaká commented on the results of the 2024 World Cup draw, which will be held in Uzbekistan.

– Once again I say that there are no good groups at the World Cup. It will be hard for us, and it will be hard for them too, for other teams, I mean. The only thing that is already clear for us is when and with who we are playing with.

– What would you say about our rivals?

– New Zealand is a new team at the World Cup, it will be an interesting game with them. New Zealand players are very big and play power futsal. As for Libya, they have more skilled players. And everyone knows the Spanish national team.

I think Spain and Kazakhstan are the favorites now, but only the tournament will show if it is so.

– We are playing the first match against Span. What are your expectations from this game? We still remember that very dramatic match in the semi-finals of Euro 2018 (5:5).

– I don’t see any difference whether we play with them first or last. Yes, you can remember that game, but each tournament has its own history. Both teams have changed a lot since then. But I know for sure that it will be a good match. I can't say how many goals there will be, but these teams know each other well. Perhaps it's even good that we play with them first. We can prepare for this game. I think this match will be the highlight of the tournament.

– The World Championship will be played in Uzbekistan, where there will probably be a lot of our fans.

– We hope for the support of our fans. Since we already know when and where we are playing, fans can now make plans. I have no doubt that we will have great support.

– When does preparation for the tournament start?

– The training camp starts on August 4. For now, we plan to hold training camps in two cities: Almaty and Astana. The first two weeks will be training, and after games and frendliers.