Ran Ben-Shimon "There will be no easy games in our group''

Ran Ben-Shimon "There will be no easy games in our group''

03 December 2018, 11:04
Head coach of the Cyprus national team Ran Ben-Shimon commented on the EURO-2020 qualification draw.

- The draw of the qualification draw is over. What do you think about our group?

-Like I would say about any group, this is very difficult one. But the big teams have targets, the small have dreams, we need to connect this dream to reality. I know a little bit Kazakhstan, I know FC ''Astana", how they did in the last years, I know their coach, Mr. Stoilov is very well. No doubts that it is going to be a difficult task. There will be no easy games for us, nor to Kaakhstan. And Astana is an amazing place to come, we are looking forward.

- So,what do you think who is the favorite of our group Russia, Belgium or Scotland?

- You should ask the commentators in this regard, the people who are analysing football. It is also clear to look at the standings. For me, I think that our national team can do our best.

- Which team has made a big surprise?

- Surprise by its nature is surprise, so we will see.