Kaka: 'The team took the field and did their best'

Kaka: 'The team took the field and did their best'

25 September 2019, 21:37
The Kazakhstani futsal coach, Paulo Ricardo Figuero Silva, commented on the victory over the national team of Azerbaijan (5:2).

- I think that our team is getting stronger. You could see it from match to match. We knew that we would not win the first place in the Caspian Cup-2019, but that victory could allow us to take the second or the third place. Before the match, I told the guys that who woke up first would win. And so it happened. My team took the field, managed to do their best. It was not easy, I congratulate my players. Our country can be proud of them.

The tournament was great, with high level of teams and organisation. It is a pity that we did not play the main squad, then it had been a good preparation for World Cup qualification. As for the other aspects of the game, we got a lot of information, which we will definitely analyze in preparation for the upcoming matches.