Kazakhstani referees take part in online VAR workshop

Kazakhstani referees take part in online VAR workshop

03 February 2023, 13:08
The KFF Department of Refereeing and Inspection, with the support of the FIFA Referee Committee, is holding an online workshop for Kazakhstani referees.

The workshop is led by FIFA instructor Farhad Abdullayev and will last till February 5. 25 chief referees and 28 assistants of the Premier League, as well as 8 chief referees and 25 assistants of the First League are taking part in the workshop.

The course touches on all modern trends in refereeing, the based on 2022 FIFA World Cup. Such topics as "Penalty Decisions", "Tactical Fouls", "Offside", "Handling the Ball" and "VAR Interference Boundary" are also discussed.

The seminar consists of three parts. The first is a theoretical course, which includes an analysis of refereeing, viewing video materials on the interpretation, application of the Rules of the Game, control of game situations, methods and game management. The second part includes video tests. The third part consists of practise.