Magomed Adiev: "We will try to resist a strong opponent"

Magomed Adiev: "We will try to resist a strong opponent"

25 March 2023, 18:02
Kazakhstani head coach Magomed Adiev, commented on the upcoming match against Denmark at the pre-match press conference,

- In principle, as in all previous matches, we expect it to be a tough game. Denmark has a great potential in attack, and football players from top clubs play in defense, they also played in the 2022 World Cup. However, tomorrow we are preparing for a serious game, we will try to resist a strong opponent. We realise that we are playing in front of our fans.

-  What are the tasks of the team in the match against Denmark and in qualification in general?

- The result is not only tomorrow, it is always needed, and in the last game it was needed. We have no plans to score more than ten points, or less. I always talk about it. Our task is to be competitive in every game, wherever we play. It is important for me that my team is ready and focused, that in every game they try to do their best. I would also say the same about the qualification in general.

- Will you make any radical changes in the starting line-up?

- A really pressing question, a difficult one. Yes, inviting the guys, I realised that I was taking a certain risk. But on the other hand, I had to do it. I do not detract from the merits of other players, but today I thought that these guys have the best qualities. Now they can help us more. I am very worried about their playing practice in clubs. In the last game, we saw why there was such concern. We definitely would not have lost to the Slovenians if all the players had been in better condition. I was at the TCB of clubs in Turkey, I watched all the control games. Yes, those were not official matches, but anaway, and in them the candidates for the national team left a normal impression. I saw that they, getting playing time, showed themselves well. But this is my choice, and I always used to respect my choice and my players. If it's wrong, I'm ready to take responsibility for my mistakes. Either we win together, or I lose alone.

- Have you had any conversations with Astana coach Grigory Babayan about the fact that the players of the Kazakhstan national team do not get much playing time in the club?

- Yes, I talked to him, both at the training camp and on the phone. In no case will I go to any of my colleagues with any recommendations. He is in place, he is a qualified coach, he knows what is best for his team and achieving goals. We may have different opinions, but we remain the same, we respect each other's work.

- You realised the fact that in the last game the functional part of our team had not been good enough. Regarding tomorrow's game, Denmark is a team that sets the pace. How will you compensate for the state of our team tomorrow?

- It cannot be said that this can be fully compensated. But we need to increase the running potential of our running work to some extent. The opposition will have more possession of the ball and we need to be better off the ball. There will be lineup changes. We realised before the match against Slovenia that we were not in the most optimal condition.

- What weaknesses do you see in the Denmark team?

- Denmark is a very serious opponent, I watched their matches at the 2022 World Cup. Although the team did not leave the group, it seemed to me that the coaching staff prepared the team for the playoff matches, but one game was not enough. After our match with Slovenia, I watched the Denmark-Finland game. Any team has not only weaknesses, but nuances that can be used. With our coaching staff, we noted this. The team attacks with large forces, many players are on the attack. But given how many players you have playing in top clubs, this is understandable. I would not like to delve into these processes, but we will try to find the nuances in tomorrow's game.