Magomed Adiev: "We have built certain tactical moments for tomorrow's game"

Magomed Adiev: "We have built certain tactical moments for tomorrow's game"

22 March 2023, 20:00
Kazakhstani head coach Magomed Adiev spoke about his team's preparation for the 2024 UEFA Euro qualifying match against Slovenia.

- First of all, I'd like to congratulate all Muslims on the upcoming month of Ramadan and thank KFF and PFLK for providing time for training days. We have completed that planned micro-cycle of preparation. Vorogovskiy, Alip, Zainutdinov and Skvortsov joined us only the day before yesterday and did not participate in the training process in full. As for the game, we believe that both Slovenia and Denmark are serious opponents. We have lined up certain tactical moments for tomorrow's game. I hope we got everything right.

- Are there injured players in the team? What about those players who did not play in the last games?

- You are right that we have a group of players who do not play as much time as we would like. But that is how we see it. The clubs have qualified coaches, and the players somewhere can lose the competition. The situation is what it is. We have to focus on the positives, find them and use them to build a team game. As for Bystrov, he had an operation, rehabilitation, he has recoverd, but he lacks playing time.

Will the players keep the Ramadan fast during matches?

- Yes, sure. I can't say exactly how many players, tomorrow is only the first day. Even if the players fast before the game, I don't see a problem with that. Because the first days, as a rule, the body does not cause any problems. It is clear that when you have a lot of games and the fast is coming to an end, you feel exhaustion. I came across this often when I worked in Caucasian teams. Here you just need to adapt it. Anyway, I see no problem and I want my guys to keep it.

- Have you already decided on the goalkeeper position?

- Yes, we have. My point of view is that is important to make it clear with the goalkeeper and forward and determine who we may rely on them and put them in the line-up. I believe that Shatskiy remains our number one, he will be in the squad tomorrow, I also talked with Pokatilov and he got me right We also have a forward who takes the pitch from the first minutes. When there is a rotation, it does not lead to what we want to see from the forward - goals, the same goes for the goalkeeper.

- Considering the upcoming games, it seemed that Shushenachev would play the forward. But now he's gone. Who will be tomorrow?

- Yes, there are not many of us in the attack. Our choice is quite small. If there are few attackers, and they still have little game practice, then why do we invite them - to solve the problem. Adjust other players, build up your attacking potential. We have ideas, we'll see. As for tomorrow, Abat Aimbetov will start tomorrow.

- Who will operate in the center of the field tomorrow? Orazov played last year, now Islamkhan has returned...

– Yes, Orazov and Islamkhan are both creative guys. You can include Samorodov there, there is a group of players who look at other people's gates, combine interactions. There are certain ideas. I think that Islamkhan and Orazov are compatible on the field. However, how and when that will be, I would like to refrain from giving an answer for the time being.