Ricardo Kaka: "Our group in the elite round is good enough"

Ricardo Kaka: "Our group in the elite round is good enough"

17 July 2023, 09:57
Kazakhstani futsal coach Ricardo Kaka commented on the results for the 2024 World Cup elite round draw.

The Kazakhstan national futsal team will play against the teams of the Netherlands, Romania and Azerbaijan.

“I always tell our players that the draw should be watched with a pure heart, not to ask for and not to set on anything.

As a result of the draw, our rivals are equally strong and they are the teams which we have known for a long time. We have played a lot with Azerbaijan, they have good Brazilian players and a qualified coach. The most important factor for both teams that the distance for the flight is quite short. It is always difficult for us if we are far away from the opponent. 

The Romanian futsal team will not let us relax either, because we know their experience in qualifying for the previous World Cup, when we beat them away in the main round and lost in the elite round in the Czech Republic. We have a lot of respect for our competitors.

The Netherlands is a team that grows and changes every time. They also have a very qualified coach from Spain, Miguel Andreas, who worked at Udinese and Barcelona.

I can say that the group is good. We will be getting ready for reaching the final stage of the World Cup," Kaka said.