Magomed Adiev: “We are the team that is trying to overcome difficulties”

Magomed Adiev: “We are the team that is trying to overcome difficulties”

14 October 2023, 02:29
The Kazakhstani head coach Magomed Adiev commented on the upcoming match against Denmark.

– Would you say that the victory over Denmark in Astana is one of the most striking in the history of the Kazakhstan national team?

– It’s difficult for me to say whether throughout history, but during the period of my work - yes, one of the brightest. But now this no longer plays a role for us, we have come here, and this is a completely different story.

– The Denmark national team had a difficult flight to Astana, what would you say about your team’s flight to Copenhagen?

– We do not focus on difficulties. We are the team that is trying to overcome these difficulties. 

– Do you think that your team has been underestimated?

– Ever since the Nations League, we have been greatly underestimated. And one of the main merits of the national team is that the opponents’ opinion about us has changed a lot, now they are carefully preparing against us. But it doesn’t matter to me whether there is underestimation or not. It doesn't matter.

– Is it possible to compare the functional state of the players in March, when they beat Denmark, and at the moment? Considering the European Qualifiers and the almost completed KPL season.

– There is a feeling that our condition is a little better for the upcoming games. In any case, we need rotation. Constantly 3-4 changes. When preparing for one game, we keep the second match in our mind.

– You were happy about Zainutdinov’s transfer to Beşiktaş since it was assumed that he would play in approximately the same position as in the national team. But now we see him playing as a defender in Turkey again. Does this again complicate his adaptation to a more attacking position in the national team?

–  At first he played there in a position that was better for us. But now his position in the club and the national team is completely different. As a coach, this bothers me. I said as a joke “I won’t watch your games in Besiktas anymore.”