Kazakhstan U-17 team will play in the Development Cup in Minsk

Kazakhstan U-17 team will play in the Development Cup in Minsk

07 February 2024, 11:30
The Kazakhstan national U-17 team will take part at the international tournament “Development Cup 2024”, which will be held from February 18 to 24 in Minsk (Belarus).

The team coached by Baurzhan Sagyndyk starts its trainning camp on February 10 at the KFF National Teams Base in Talgar. 

In general, eight teams will take part in the tournament: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus (all U-17), as well as the national teams of Belarus and Russia under 16 years old.

The teams are divided into two groups. Kazakhstan will play in Group ''B'' with Belarus U-16, Tajikistan U-16 and Russia U-17. Group ''A'' consists of the teams of Belarus U-17, Russia U-16, Uzbekistan U-17 and Azerbaijan U-17.

Last season, the Kazakhstan U-17 team coached by Aleksandr Kuznetsov won the silver medal at the Development Cup in Minsk.

Development Cup 2024 Fixtures:

February 18 (Sunday)

13:30 Russia U-16 vs Uzbekistan U-17

15:50 Russia U-17 vs Kazakhstan U-17

18:10 Belarus U-16 vs Tajikistan U-17

21:00 Belarus U-17 vs Azerbaijan U-17

February 20 (Tuesday)

14:00 Russia U-16 vs Azerbaijan U-17

16:20 Russia U-17 vs Tajikistan U-17

18:40 Belarus U-16 vs Kazakhstan U-17

21:00 Belarus U-17 vs Uzbekistan U-17

February 22 (Thursday)

14:00 Uzbekistan U-17 vs Azerbaijan U-17

16:20 Kazakhstan U-17 vs Tajikistan U-17

18:40 Belarus U-16 vs Russia U-17

21:00 Belarus U-17 vs Russia U-16

February 24 (Saturday)

13:00 Fourth place of group “A” vs Fourth place of group “B”

15:20 Third place of group “A” vs Third place of group “B”

17:40 Runner-up of group “A” vs Runner-up of group “B”

20:00 Winner of group “A” vs Winner of group “B”