Stanislav Cherchesov: “The most important task is to become better than last year”

Stanislav Cherchesov: “The most important task is to become better than last year”

05 June 2024, 19:00
The new Kazakhstani head coach Stanislav Cherchesov commented on his appointment and shared his immediate plans.

– Stanislav Salamovich, congratulations on your appointment as the head coach of the Kazakhstan national team! Would you share your impressions and emotions about this appointment?

– I would say I am impressed but feel calm. A week ago I couldn't even think about it. However, today I am here.

– What were the key factors that influenced on making decision to head the Kazakhstan national team?

– About two months ago, I definitely and clearly said that I would not like to work abroad. I think that the Kazakhstan national team fits my concept. I have already been here more than once; Kazakhstan is a country with a mentality close to me. I arrived in Astana and was met by KFF President Adlet Barmenkulov. We talked and understood how we should proceed. We decided that this project needs to be done together.

What goals and objectives does the Kazakhstan Football Federation set for you in the short and long term?

– The team performed quite successfully last season. It is clear that in the Nations the team will play in Almaty, because the stadium is under reconstruction. The most important task is to be better than you were last year. We need to build a certain system that will give growth to Kazakhstani football. My functions will include not only the first team, but also the youth and junior teams, which also need to be paid attention to.

– How would you assess the current potential of the Kazakhstan national team and what would you say about the upcoming tournaments?

– I met with the team, the guys were a little tense. Naturally, a football team does not need this; the tension should be positive, working. But this is a normal phenomenon, because the team has a new head coach.

Then I talked to the coaching staff. There are injured and older players in the team, although we never look at age. We need to understand what happened before and what we have to work on in the future. A lot changes in a year. Therefore, you must always be objective, follow the players who are progressing, so as not to miss anything. The potential must grow, the team should play modern football. Time will tell how successful we will be.

– How do you plan to start your work?

– Now we have talked with the KFF management and decided that I will not take part in the upcoming matches. My coaching staff just found out about my appointment and we need time. I do not have the opportunity to join the team in Armenia, since I was not going to host the national team these days. I plan to go to Hungary for the match against Azerbaijan. It is clear that I will not participate in the set up and training process. Ruslan Baltiev will head these two games. The team's new coaching staff will begin work after the June FIFA date.