Vladimir Weiss: "We want to play smart, using the attack skills we have"

Vladimir Weiss: "We want to play smart, using the attack skills we have"

05 September 2018, 23:18
The head coach of the Georgia national team Vladimir Weiss answered the questions of journalists at the pre-match press conference.

- How fit are your players on the eve of the match?

- I will not say about the squad, because some of the positions are not clear. After the  training session I will decide the starting lineup. Of course, only healthy players will take the field who are able to fight and perform all tactical tasks.

- Mr. Weiss, how do you feel to return to Kazakhstan, especially before the match against the team of Stanimir Stoilov?

- I came as a rival, as coach of the Georgian national team, and not as a friend. Tomorrow I will only think about our team, how to resist his team, hi is the coach who is one of the best and managed to achieve almost everything that can be achieved in Kazakhstan. Of course, on the one hand we are friends and I will be very glad to see him, but on the other - rivals. We always had good professional relations.

- How has the national team of Kazakhstan changed since the time you trained "Kairat"?

- I was glad to work in this wonderful club. The team has changed for the better, it is obvious that Stoilov made the right conclusions and gathered a competitive team, one that can win the group. In my opinion, Kazakhstan will play smart and aggressive tomorrow. Perhaps, it may be the similar with the last game of "Astana". In general, we all know about them, they know about us.

- The Georgian team has stayed in the same hotel, where the Almaty "Kairat" usually stays. Do you feel nostalgia  or are there other reasons?

- Not nostalgia, but I like this hotel. Meals are good, good staff. We wanted to live there alone to prepare well for the game. We feel at home. I live not in the same room as when I worked in Kairat, but we need to change something in our life (laughs).

- Will your team play the first number, as in previous matches?

- Both our team and Kazakhstan have theor own style of play. Let's see which one will be more successful. But we want to play smart, correctly using the attack skills that we have. Although not all football players are healthy fit, but we should choose players who will reach the result in the attack. This is a very important match, the first one in the group and not decisive, but significant. We will play to win, every point is important in the group. We are an attacking team, but sometimes we score a little. In the last few matches we succeeded. I am sure that we will succeed.

- What do you think about an artificial turf on the "Astana Arena", which is very traumatic?

"The turf is excellent, I have no complaints against it." I think that this factor will allow both teams to show high-quality football.