Yerlan Jamantayev: 'The 14th place among the best European teams is success'

Yerlan Jamantayev: 'The 14th place among the best European teams is success'

21 May 2019, 09:31
The head coach of the Kazakhstan Beach Soccer Team, Yerlan Jamantayev, in an interview with the KFF press service told about participation in the World Beach Games qualifying tournament and also told about the Kazakhstan Championship.

- Could you sum up the results of the World Beach Games qualifying tournament?

- The qualifying tournament of the World Beach Games took place in Spain from 9 to 12 May. Kazakhstan took the 14th place. According to the draw, the first opponent was Portugal - the third country in the world and the first in the European ranking. It was clear that they were stronger. However, the experience against such a strong opponent is priceless. In addition, because of the red cards received in the Euroleague Promo Final last year (disqualifications in beach soccer are transferred from tournament to tournament - note KFF) there were no three key players.

Next, the teams divided for the competitions from 1-8 and from 9-16 places. We played for places from 9-16. In the match against Germany, taking lead with 2:1, we lost 4:2. With the Norwegian team, we managed to win 4:1. They are also strong rivals. In the final match against the Czechs, we lost 4: 2. Actually, taking the 14th place among the best teams in Europe is a decent result.

- Was it possible to improve the result?

- It was possible to improve. There is no limit to perfection. The European teams play at a more professional level. We still have semi-professional players. Our teams are more amateur. In addition, the teams such as Spain and Portugal have the opportunity to train all year round and we do not. There is such a possibility in Russia, where there are several indoor arenas. There is no indoor arena for beach sports in Kazakhstan yet. Perhaps, soon, we will solve this issue. The main thing is to have positive results. But all the same, I think that to take the 14th place among such teams is a success.

For the 2019 World Cup qualifying round, which will be held in July, we will be ready to do our best and recall all players, including new ones, which we will watch during the Kazakhstan Championship. In addition, thanks to participation in the World Beach Games, we could see our weaknesses that need to be filled for the World Cup selection.

- What can you tell about the Kazakhstan Championship?

- This year the Kazakhstan Championship starts in June. The six teams have already confirmed their participation. The championship will be held in three stages: June - Kapshagay, July - Shymkent, August - again Kapshagay. The good news is that beach soccer is developing.

- What are your plans for beach football before the end of this year?

- We will hold the Kazakhstan Championship, will select the strongest players for the National team. The draw for the qualifying stage of the World Cup 2019 will take place in June. The task in the qualifying tournament, which will be held in Moscow, to qualify for the final stage, which will be held in late November and early December 2019 in Paraguay.

Also in August, the next Euroleague group selection will take place, where the Kazakhstan team will play against Holland, the Czech Republic and England.