Judicial-Expert Commission meeting held

Judicial-Expert Commission meeting held

05 November 2022, 14:00
The expert group considered the controversial episodes of the matches of the last rounds of the 2022 OLIMPBET-Kazakhstan Football Championship.

The meeting was attended by the heads of the KFF Refereeing and Inspection Department, Juan Antonio Marin and Alexander Peremitin, as well as a group of experts and members of the Judicial-Expert Commission: Bagdat Tuseev (Astana), Kasymzhan Madiev (Almaty), Nikolai Bublinsky (Karaganda) , Edygen Yumashev (Astana), Alexander Gorda (Kokshetau), Ruslan Duzmambetov (Ust-Kamenogorsk), Pavel Saliy (Ust-Kamenogorsk).

Juan Antonio Marin has been a FIFA referee since 1995 and took part in refereeing the matches of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Also served matches of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup and qualifying tournaments of the World and European Championships.

The commission made the following conclusions:

"Tobol" - "Aktobe". XXIII tour

- in the 81st minute of the match, the player "Aktobe" No. 25 (Y.Adukor), after a corner kick, being in his own penalty area, delays the player "Tobol" with both hands. The match referee continued the game, unable to immediately determine the violation. After the correct recommendation from the VAR referee for video review, the referee correctly assigned a penalty kick to the Aktobe goal for holding the opponent with both hands and showed a yellow card to the player of the Aktobe team No. 25;

- in the 84th minute of the match, the Atobe defender No. 30 (V. Ginaitis) entered the penalty area before the kick and after the goalkeeper's "save" enters into combat and plays the ball. According to Laws of the Game 14, if a defending player enters the penalty area before the kick, the penalty kick is retaken. According to UEFA/FIFA  regulations, the penalty kick is only retaken if the player who entered the penalty area is tackling for the ball or playing the ball after a goalkeeper save or rebound from the post/crossbar. In this episode, the referee used the video review to check whether the player "Aktobe" No. 30 entered into single combat for the ball. The video review showed that the Aktobe player No. 30 entered into combat and played the ball after entering the penalty area before the penalty kick. The referee made the right decision - to repeat the penalty kick;

- all yellow cards to the players of the "Aktobe" team were shown according to the Rules of the Game;

"Aktobe" - "Turan". XXIV tour

- in the 7th minute of the match, after the ball bounces off the crossbar of the Turan goal, two players of opposite teams rush to the ball, the attacker is the first to reach the ball and throws it on his own. At this moment, the defender of "Turan" in a tackle tries to play the ball, does not have time to do it and by inertia knocks down the player of "Aktobe". The referee correctly awards a penalty kick. VAR does not properly interfere with the referee's actions.

- in the 43rd minute of the match, the striker of the team "Aktobe" No.18 (B. Baitana) throws the ball to himself, being in the opponent's penalty area. The goalkeeper of "Turan" is the first to be on the ball and takes it in his hands. At this time, the player "Aktobe" No.18, not thinking about the safety of the opponent, in a jump forward with his foot, crashes into the goalkeeper in the thigh area. VAR intervenes correctly in the actions of the arbiter and invites him for a possible red card. The arbiter correctly changes the decision, cancels the yellow card and issues a red card for a serious infringement of the Laws of the Game;

- in the 65th minute of the match, after the game is resumed from a corner kick, the ball is sent to the penalty area of ​​the Turan goal. The player of "Turan" tries to play the ball, while spreading his arms wide and the ball hits his left hand. The referee is in a good position and awards a penalty kick without a yellow card for handball as the player expands his body;

– in the 71st minute of the match, after the pass to the Aktobe penalty area, the home team's player No. 22 (J. Gou) in a jump plays the ball with his head in his own penalty area. The ball from the head of player number 22 immediately falls into his hands. With player arms in a natural position for this kind of physical action, the ball bounces from a short distance. The arbiter correctly continued the game in this episode;

- in the 74th minute of the match, the player of "Turan" handles the ball for himself, being in the center of the field. Aktobe player No.23 (T. Erlanov) runs towards him at speed, and trying to play the ball, does not hit it and crashes into the opponent with the use of spikes with his straight leg. VAR correctly calls the referee for a video review for a possible red card. The judge, having watched the episode, erroneously remains in his opinion. But in this episode, the referee had to show a red card to the Aktobe player for a serious violation of the Rules of the Game, since the opponent’s speed, the use of spikes, and a high place of contact are present at the moment.