Alexandr Kuznetsov: "Our task is – Gaining experience and developing players"

Alexandr Kuznetsov: "Our task is – Gaining experience and developing players"

03 February 2023, 20:32
Senior coach of the Kazakhstan U-17 team Alexandr Kuznetsov commented on the training camp and also shared his expectations from the upcoming international tournament "Development Cup", which will be held in Belarus.

- Preparations for the tournament are going according to plan. The functional state of the players and their playing rhythm is not clear enough, since the season has not started yet and most of them have just started preparing for the season in their clubs.

Based on this, we set the task for the duration of the training camp to raise the level of the functional state, work out the game principles in our game scheme and look at the group of football players.

We are grateful to all our colleagues and club leaders who let the players play for to the national team outside the FIFA date.

The coaching staff carefully examined new players. We will bet on the tournament on those guys who took part last year in the qualification of the European Championship in Portugal.

These players will soon move to the category of the intermediate youth team, and in this tournament they have a good opportunity to prove themselves.

- What is the task of the coaching staff at the tournament?

– Gaining experience and developing players. Currently, many Premier League clubs are in training in Turkey. The Development Cup will also help the team enter the season and get some game practice. Such tournaments give the players a chance to improve their skills, and the coaching staff will be able to see their skills, practise some tactical ideas and prepare for the upcoming Euro qualififcation.