Football Federations of Kazakhstan, Moldova and Romania discuss joint projects

Football Federations of Kazakhstan, Moldova and Romania discuss joint projects

06 February 2023, 15:40
President of the Kazakhstan Football Federation Adlet Barmenkulov met with the leaders of the federations of Moldova and Romania as part of a working visit to the cities of Chisinau and Bucharest.

The parties have already approached the practical implementation of the goals set for the development of grassroots, the modernization of the football infrastructure, managment in the football industry, and the introduction of IT systems managment in football organizations.

During the visit, the representatives of football associations took part in the workshop “Models of social return on investment (SROI)”. Moldova and Romania shared their experience in building partnerships between assosiations, governments and local authorities based on the results of a study on the social return on investment in grassroots. In particular, the calculation of the return on investment in grassroots football has been tested in Moldova and Romania, which has a direct economic effect, the impact of public welfare on the country's GDP growth through an increase in the level of education, employment of the population, the impact on improving the health of the nation and reducing healthcare costs.

The model for calculating these benefits has proved its worth: in Romania, the SROI model is used on an ongoing basis to track the performance of grassroots football investments. The increase in the number of registered players and the construction of infrastructure shows a significant increase in the investment age.

The work of the federation of Moldova has resulted in impressive progress in the development of infrastructure. The Moldovan Football Federation, in close cooperation with the government, has built more than 200 football fields, as well as arenas for futsal and beach soccer, over the past three years. Moreover, all sports facilities are also used by residents and local executive bodies for organizing leisure time for citizens. Moldova is considered one of the most progressive countries in Eastern Europe in terms of the implementation of infrastructure football projects.

This workshop was also attended by CFF Development Director Andrei Dudin, President of the Moldavian Football Federation Leonid Oleinichenko, President of the Romanian Football Federation Razvan Burleanu, IFF General Secretary Sergei Butelsky and Head of the IFF Internal Control Service Vadim Shargarovsky.


In addition, the parties discussed issues of club development in order to create a football industry. We drew up a program for analyzing the current state of football clubs, taking into account the experience and recommendations of UEFA experts.

The introduction of IT systems for the football organizations management was also a key topic of discussion.

The meeting participants conducted a comparative analysis of IT programs for football management based on those offered by FIFA, as well as those used in the Moldavian and Romanian federations.

Based on the analysis, all participants made plans to refine the software and implement best practices in their countries. Agreed to support the implementation of information systems for the management of the federation in order to increase transparency and effectiveness of actions; about support in the implementation of software for registration of players, competition management, taking into account the experience of Romania.

KFF President Adlet Barmenkulov:

“I would like to thank my colleagues for the warm welcome. We got acquainted with a number of projects that will be useful for the Kazakhstan Football Federation to implement and obtain the effects that are necessary for the football development. As of today, there are already results and outlined plans that we want to implement together with our Moldovan and Romanian colleagues. I am sure that our joint work will give the desired result.” 

Recall that in October 2022, a Memorandum of Cooperation and Mutual Understanding between the Kazakhstan Football Federation, the Moldovan and Romanian Football Federations was signed in Astana. The agreements also provide for cooperation in the organization and conduct of training seminars and the exchange of knowledge to improve the level of football staff.