Nuraly Alip: "I hope we manage to show a good game"

Nuraly Alip: "I hope we manage to show a good game"

25 March 2023, 18:10
Defender of the Kazakhstan national team Nuraly Alip commented on the upcoming Euro 2024 qualifying match against Denmark.

- The team is ready. The first match was played, but failed to score three points. Tomorrow we will play to win.

- How physically ready are you for tomorrow's game, given that you get little playing practice in your club?

- I'll be ready for the match. I hope we manage to show a good game.

- Did you have any conversation with the coach after the penalty in the match against Azerbaijan?

- I won't get a red card in this game, that's for sure. In that game, I couldn't keep my emotions.

- In football, attack starts with defense. How much have you improved since you've played in Zenit?

- Most say that the attack begins with the defenders. We train constantly, and I hope that tomorrow there will be such moments.