KFF introduces bonus program for referees

KFF introduces bonus program for referees

28 July 2023, 10:10
The Kazakhstan Football Federation presents a new initiative aimed at improving the quality and the efficiency of the refereeing team.

With the start of the upcoming rounds of the OLIMPBET-Kazakhstan Football Championship, the Bonus Program for referees will be introduced, which is designed to set new standards of professionalism and fair play.

The main goal of this Program is to improve the performance of the refereeing team, ensuring the fairness and accuracy of their decisions. Particular attention in this additional scoring system is given to the interaction of the refereeing team as a single mechanism, which contributes to the coordination of actions and making the right decisions.

This innovation represents a powerful lever to improve the quality of refereeing by setting high standards of referees performance, which will be rewarded by a carefully regulated and transparent bonus system.

The introduction of the Bonus Program opens up new prospects for the professional growth of referees and encourages them to achieve high performance in teamwork. The Kazakhstan Football Federation is confident that this initiative will play an important role in the further development of football refereeing and improving the quality of games in the Championship.