Magomed Adiev: “We got a feeling that we could find our chance''

Magomed Adiev: “We got a feeling that we could find our chance''

18 October 2023, 17:20
The Kazakhstani head coach Magomed Adiev, commented on the game against the national team of Finland.

– The guys really want to make a big holiday in Kazakhstan, so there is a certain pressure. Such a turning point when we got angry appeared after we had missed a goal. Well, it seems that the opponent began to play less actively. Maybe we suppressed their activity. 

I wanted Zuev to help in attack. He played good at the training sessions. But when they scored and we leveled it would have been, perhaps, an unjustified risk, because the penalty had been scored. We felt additional emotions. These same players put effort into the game, and we began to have chances. We didn't see the point in adding another attacking player. We got a feeling that we could find our chance. We realised we needed more pace and got it from the bench. That turned out to be decisive. 

This was a very important win. Both teams knew that only a win would count. We should have played more calmly, but they pushed us through. Even though the opponent was very strong, we managed to get the win in the end. Finland came strongly in the beginning and that was no surprise.