Magomed Adiev: “Every player realizes the importance of tomorrow’s match”

Magomed Adiev: “Every player realizes the importance of tomorrow’s match”

20 March 2024, 21:10
The Kazakhstani head coach Magomed Adiev spoke at a pre-match press conference about the upcoming Euro 2024 qualifying playoff match against Greece.

– Every player realizes the importance of tomorrow’s match. I don’t see the point in putting too much pressure on them with speeches. In this regard, compared to the game against Slovenia, I slightly modified my behavior, I try to catch their eye less often (smiles).

– In the current squad a few players are fasting now, including Zainutdinov. What is their condition and have any adjustments been made to the preparation process in this regard?

– Congratulations to all Muslims, May Almighty accept good deeds from us. We made certain adjustments in preparation back in Dubai, we adjusted the training process so that when we arrived at the stadium we could open up and have a small snack.

– Aimbetov and Zainutdinov were the last to arrive at the team and missed most of the training camp. Is this a bit of a problem?

– Yes, once again they arrived last. Pretty good tactical work was done with all the others. We talked to Aimbetov, we still need to talk to Zainutdinov. We do not consider this a problem, it just needs to be solved.

– Was there any work done in training regarding penalties if tomorrow it all comes down to it?

– I am not a supporter of football players practicing penalties. I felt this first hand in my career. Penalties in training and in a game are completely different things. As for the goalkeeper line, they are doing some work; Valery Sitalo and I discussed this point.