Sergey Malyy: 'Both teams will fight'

Sergey Malyy: 'Both teams will fight'

21 March 2019, 13:10
Kazakhstan defender Sergey Malyy in an interview with the press service of the Kazakhstan Football Federation shared his expectations about the upcoming match Kazakhstan vs Scotland.

- Sergey, you have already played under the leadership of the new head coach, Michal Bilek at pre-season training in Turkey. Does he have any requirements regarding the game of defenders? And what has changed in general after he joined the national team?

- He demands serious discipline and intensity from each of the players. I think that he does his best, giving us his own experience and teaching us.

- How do you think about our group in the UEFA Euro-2020 qualifying competition? Who is the favorite?

- We have quite a serious group. Such strong teams show spectacular football. I think that all of these teams will compete for leadership at once.

- Our first opponent is Scotland. The football public knows that they play in the British style. What do you think about it?

- Our team also prefer this style of football. Therefore, both teams will fight. We will see who can better use their chances.

- These days Kazakhstanis are celebrating Nauryz. What would you like to wish in connection with such events?

- Congratulations to all Kazakhstanis on Nauryz and I wish everyone health, peace and football victories.