Islambek Kuat: 'Our team has no euphoric'

Islambek Kuat: 'Our team has no euphoric'

23 March 2019, 20:02
The Kazakhstan captain, Islambek Kuat, answered journalists' questions at a pre-match press conference Kazakhstan vs Russia.

- Are you experiencing the euphoria of the victory over Scotland?

- Our team has no euphoric despite the victory over Scotland. We are preparing for the match with the Russia national team, they have a good squad. We have shown our level and we will prepare further.

- Did you and your teammates discuss the fact that Zobnin, Kuzyaev and Golovin will not be playing tomorrow and usually they play in the center as you?

- I think that all their players are good and they will not have any problems in this regard.

- How do you feel as captain of the national team?

- Being the captain of the national team is always a big responsibility and a great honor. I think that it’s not so important who the captain is, all the players of our national team are concentrated, understand the importance and play for their country.

- Did you watch the match Belgium vs Russia?

- After the game I could not sleep, so we watched that match. Both teams were good, I liked the match.