UEFA Certificates For PE Teachers

UEFA Certificates For PE Teachers

04 October 2019, 19:45
The educational project 'Football Lesson' is moving into a higher gear.

Over the past two years, the Kazakhstan Football Federation and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan have been implementing the educational project 'Football Lesson'.

In a logical manner, 'Football Lessons' came into the view of the coaching staff of the reserve schools of Kazakhstani professional football clubs. The number of children engaged in football, as expected, increased.

Recently, the ongoing project has entered a new round of development. With the support of UEFA, the Kazakhstan Football Federation has launched the educational modules for physical education teachers. In accordance with the Grassroots Leaders International Program for the Development of Grassroots, Coaching D-Certificateis given to mentors engaged in educational training process of pupils of courtyard clubs, as well as school football teams.

It is noteworthy that two years ago, that is, at the start of the project, 'Football Lessons' implied the participation of pupils from 1 to 4 grades from 214 public schools in eight regions of Kazakhstan. In total terms, the number of pupils and pupils involved was about 130 thousand children. Currently, 'Football Lessons' are implied in one thousand Kazakhstani schools, in all regions of our country and the number of students is over half a million boys and girls.

The large-scale training project implemented in this way is a program aspect of the National Football Development Strategy for 2018-2022 'Alga,Kazakhstan! Forward football!'. Recall that the latter was developed by a comprehensive scientific and practical group of the Kazakhstan Football Federation and adopted for action in 2018.