Vladimir Weiss: "Kazakhstan team played well today"

Vladimir Weiss: "Kazakhstan team played well today"

06 September 2018, 23:46
The head coach of the Georgia nation team Vladimir Weiss took part in the post-match press conference.

- I am very pleased with the very important three points. Although we did not start the game well, Kazakhstan put  pressure on us, but I think that our victory is well-deserved. We can play better. Some of our players just started the season, some just recovered from injuries and it was evident from their personal results. Of course, I should praise my team for their intensity. They made mistakes, we should realize such moments that were in the first half - Navalovsky-Kvitaya, in the second - Merebashvili. The first goal was a success for the young Chakvetadze. And this is only the beginning, we must confirm the validity of its today's victory at home, against Latvia, in three days. We have a very busy schedule. Tired, but happy we are going home.

- Do not you think that Bauyrzhan Islamkhan played more interesting before...

- I would not assess the players of Kazakhstan - this is not my job. He is a good football player of a worthy team. In addition, players depend on each other. About Bato, I can only say good words: it used to be that he stood out in the first half, decided the course of the game. But we prepared, Jaba Kankava played with him personally. I wish him success in the national team and "Kairat". I think that the Kazakhstan team has risen. Coached by Stanimir Stoilov, their system is changed. The national team of Kazakhstan played well today.

- What could you say about the game of Chakvetadze?

- He played only the second match for the national team and scored his second goal. Giorgi is young, loving football and he has a huge potential. He can grow a great footballer. Of course, it was difficult for the guy, the people of Kazakhstan seriously pressed. Of course, our players could play better, but they could also lose, so 2:0 for us is an excellent result.

- Will this victory help your team in the match with Latvia?

- I've already said in the dressing room: we'll have dinner, take a bit rest and tomorrow a new life begins. Now they  are happy, but when we get on the plane we will start preparing. We must be in time to recover in a short time. Of course, there will be some changes in our squad. There is fatigue, but we have to be ready. I'm happy for the guys, never been as happy as today in the dressing room.

- How did the Kazakhstan team surprise you?

- I was impressed by their organization, pressure in the middle of the field, discipline and aggression. Here we were lucky that we scored goals, the individual class of some of our players decided the outcome of the game. We played against the team that is still growing. Stoilov is an experienced coached. "Astana" is already a European club, and this shows that Kazakhstani football has grown over the past five or six years