Stanimir Stoilov: “We lost some key players, but this does not mean that the match will be easy for the rivals”

Stanimir Stoilov: “We lost some key players, but this does not mean that the match will be easy for the rivals”

18 November 2018, 21:25
Head coach of the Kazakhstan national team Stanimir Stoilov answered journalists' questions at the pre-match press conference.

- First of all, I would like to congratulate Georgia with the first place in the group. They have deserved the first place. They played confident good football. The team is well organized. Before the game, we had several changes. Three or four players are preparing for the matches of the Kazakhstan Cup and the Europa League. Tungyshbaev had to stay in Astana due to his old injury. But this does not mean that we will go for a walk tomorrow. We want to show good football and continue to develop our level. We have a long road ahead and tomorrow we will also work on raising our level.

- Unfortunately, it turned out that Kazakhstan had lost a chance to qualify for the next stage after the fourth match.How could you comment this result? It turns out that Georgian football is stronger than Kazakhstan?

- If you compare the championships of Georgia and Kazakhstan, the Kazakhstan is much stronger. If you take the national teams, I think that it is not by chance that Georgia ranks first in the group in terms of the coefficient. The advantage of the Georgian national team is that their players have more international experience. I think that in the first game we also played well and were even stronger than the Georgian team in some aspects.

- What is your minimum goal for tomorrow's game?

-Iwish we won. This is important for us. When you finish the tournament with a positive result, also playing with a rival who has become the best, this is the most worthy praise. Tomorrow we will see what the result will be. The strongest will win.

- Is that true, that you will get good bonus pay in the case of the victory over Georgia?

- No, that's not true.

- The Georgian national team recently played a draw with Andorra. Weiss noted that the problem of their national team is the same as that of Kazakhstan - finish the attacks. Do you agree with this?

- We really have this problem. In the local championship there are a few strickers who are the Kazakhstani residents.I hope that the national team players will raise their level and show themselves. As for the draw in the match Andorra vs Georgia (1:1), it is possible that there was an underestimation of the rivals. They did not play their main squad. In addition, the pitch at the stadium in Andorra does not allow to play fast and good football.

- You are a coach who can make a sudden decision. In addition, there are various rumors. Will it be your last match as head coach?

- I began to change the style of the team and сhange the squad. We did a great job. I think that the team is on the right way. With my appointment, we agreed that if my work does not suit the President of the Kazakhstan Football Federation, I will leave. And I can leave if there are reasons for it.