Michal Bilek 'Our players will do their best'

Michal Bilek 'Our players will do their best'

08 June 2019, 13:25
Kazakhstani head coach Michal Bilek answered journalists' questions at the pre-match press conference.

- Several key players won't be playing for the team, besides the players are tired because of long flight. How are you going to set up your players for this match?

- We know what team we are playing against and what place it occupies in the FIFA Ranking now. In addition, they are favorites of our group and were one of the best teams in the last world Championship. We want to play good football and achieve a positive result. I think that the players who take the field will do their best.

- After two qualifying matches, Kazakhstan has three points. What's the goal of the national team for this qualifying round?

- We started playing in the group with a victory over Scotland, and lost to Russia in the second match. We want to get more points than in the previous qualifying rounds.

- In case of loss, can we say that this task will be difficult to perform?

- Now it is difficult to say how many points we will be able to earn in the end. Because, again, we won the first match against a very strong opponent and many did not expect that.

- Some coaches show their players films about the great Patriotic war to motivate them further. How do you plan to set up the players for the match? Do you have special methods?

- We prepare for each match individually. We took Belgium apart in the last two matches, and also watched the games in the UEFA Nations League. We discussed everything we need. Our team is prepared and does not need additional motivation. 

- In Belgium, the national football star is Eden Hazard. And what about the national team of Kazakhstan?

- I think Hazard is one of the best players in the world. He has a great talent. In Kazakhstan, there are no players of such level yet.