Bauyrzhan Islamkhan 'We are ready to fight'

Bauyrzhan Islamkhan 'We are ready to fight'

08 June 2019, 13:24
Kazakhstani midfielder Bauyrzhan Islamkhan answered journalists' questions at the pre-match press conference before the game against Belgium.

- Bauyrzhan, how are you feeling? Are the players ready for the match?

- I recovered from the injury. Thanks coach for the call up. The team is ready to fight and achieve a positive result.  

- What can you say about the pitch?

- We have not trained at this stadium yet. Today we will learn the turf.

- Do you want to exchange t-shirts with any players of the Belgian national team after the match? 

- We came to play and try to do our best. Once again I want to sat that we are ready to fight.  Whose shirt would I like? I don't know, didn't think about it.