Askhat Tagybergen: "We are striving only for victory"

Askhat Tagybergen: "We are striving only for victory"

21 September 2022, 18:39
Kazakhstani captain Askhat Tagybergen told about the preparations for the UEFA Nations League match against Belarus:

- The team is ready to do their best tommorow. We are striving only for victory

- When will we be able see your special ''goals from a distance''?

- I prefer to make assists than to score. If there is an opportunity, then, of course, I will try to score.

- Who is the most dangerous player in Belarus?

- This team is a strong opponent for us. I think the players who play in our championship. Max Ebong from Astana can make dangerous situations, but I think we will be able to sort them out.

- We have never taken first place in our groups before. Is the team psychologically ready? Also, we have never won against Belarus.

- Indeed, this is a historic moment. As I said earlier, this would be a tough opponent for us. Let's try to fulfill our dream at this historic moment. Tomorrow's game will show everything. We will do our best.