UEFA representative takes part in awarding ceremony

UEFA representative takes part in awarding ceremony

08 November 2022, 13:43
Astana hosted the Kazakhstan championship among children of private football schools and academies.

The tournament was attended by 39 football schools from all over the country, that is over 600 children and 49 coaches. The competition was held in four age categories and different formats: 10 teams 2012-2013. (format "5+1"), 10 teams 2010-2011. (format "7+1"), 12 teams 2008-2009. (format "8+1") and 7 teams 2006-2007. (format "10+1").

Member of the UEFA Executive Committee Servet Yardimchi, President of the Kazakhstan Football Federation Adlet Barmenkulov, member of the KFF Executive Committee Kairat Aytuganov, Head of the Sports Department of Astana Samat Zhilkibayev, and President of the ''JKFL'' Alexander Razinkov took part in the award ceremony.

The Football League among private schools and academies "JKFL" was established in 2021 at the initiative of the Kazakhstan Football Federation. In total, more than 300 teams (over 5,000 children) took part in the current JKFL season, which indicates an increase in interest in football among children. Young players showed a bright struggle and a great desire to win. It was a spectacular and exciting tournament for both children and their parents.