Alexandr Peremitin: “This year we are resuming the program for young referees “Talents and mentors”

Alexandr Peremitin: “This year we are resuming the program for young referees “Talents and mentors”

10 February 2023, 17:35
The director of the KFF refereeing and inspection department, Alexandr Peremitin, spoke about the training process of domestic referees for the upcoming season, as well as the resumption of the program for the training of young referees.

- Would you tell us about the preparations of referees for the upcoming season?

- The preparation of the referees for the season has not finished yet. In December, there was a short pause, then from mid-December, together with the fitness instructor of the KFF refereeing and inspection department, Svetlana Kuchina, preparations for the main training camp were held online.

The first workshop was held online and was dedicated to the VAR system. The well-known FIFA VAR instructor Farhad Abdullayev, who worked at the 2022 World Cup, introduced us to the novelties that were applied at the last World Cup in Qatar. The workshop was attended by inspectors, instructors, as well as all referees and assistants of the Premier League and the First League.

Then a training camp is planned in Turkey, which will be held from 11 to 21 February. It will be attended by 25 chief referees and 28 assistants representing the Premier League in 2022. We also attracted 8 more of the best referees who worked in the First League last season.

From February 21 to March 3 in Taraz we will hold a training camp for referees and assistants who did not get to the Turkish training camp.

- Who will instruct the referees at the training camp in Turkey?

- The head of the KFF refereeing body Juan Antonio Fernandez, FIFA technical instructor Pavel Saliy, VAR instructor Ruslan Duzmambetov and instructor Alexander Gord will hold the camp. A foreign expert and instructor with extensive experience in referee training, including at the UEFA level, Leonid Kaloshin, has been also invited. Last year he worked with our team of referees as part of the UEFA CORE training program.

- What will the Turkish TCB focus on?

– the camp in Turkey will be more as practise. First, we need to estimate their level. During the TCB, they will be presented with 5-7 games a day. Accordingly, the refereeing teams will work at the matches, and the instructors will watch them. After that, we will watch the recordings of the games and discuss the moments.

– What programs are planned for young referees?

- After a number of recommendations from the curator of the UEFA Refereeing Convention, Alexander Diaconu, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to resume the young referee school and the Talents and Mentors program. Immediately after the end of the championship, we met with instructors in each region - 19 instructors - and gave them a month to train young referees. On January 9th, they drew up a list of candidates for the Talents and Mentors program, which we will observe, and from which five refereeing panels will be selected. These are 15 people that we will keep a close eye on until our professional careers.

- How often do you plan to conduct the training camp for referees of the Premier League?

- According to UEFA recommendations, we will have two intermediate training camps. In June, we plan to gather all the referees, including women, and conduct preliminary work for the first segment of the season that they have completed. We will provide them with video replays of our matches and analyze different decisions. In the same place we will work on the VAR system. We want to train as many referees as possible in VAR, as we have a shortage of specialists in this area. The second intermediate training camp will take place before the final segment of the championship in September. All the strongest referees in the Premier League will be selected there and we will check their level of preparation.

- What would you say about futsal and beach soccer referees' camp?

- Before the start of the new season, we will hold a training camp for futsal referees. This year, the number of teams in the championship has increased, respectively, therefore there are more referees. 

It is also planned to have a training camp for beach soccer referees in May, 3-4 days before the start of the Super Cup and the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan.