Magomed Adiev: "Our fans deserved this victory"

Magomed Adiev: "Our fans deserved this victory"

26 March 2023, 22:50
Kazakhstani head coach Magomed Adiev commented on the home victory in the UEFA 2024 Euro qualifying match against Denmark (3:2).

- We are happy to have won. After an unpleasant home defeat (against Slovenia 1-2), we owed it to some extent to our fans. The first half didn’t go the way we wanted. All in all, we brought both of these goals ourselves. In the second half, we became easier to interact and tipped the scales in our favor.

- In the first half, you made a couple of substitutions. Gabyshev was replaced by Skvortsov, then you replaced Malyy. Did you think you hade made a mistake with the line-up?

- No, I would not say so. They are good players. It was my choice, they were injured and took risks.

- In the first half, we could not adapt to the style of the Danes - they tore our lines with short passes. In the second, you did not pay attention to it.

- In the first half didn’t play the way we wanted.  I told the players before the game, that it would be my responsibility, just take the field and play. We had to play longer, we needed turns.

- You extended the holiday weekend in Kazakhstan. A few words for the fans...

- I have always said that the support that the fans provide is fantastic. It is not easy for any opponent to be here. I accepted some criticism against the game with Slovenia. These are also feelings. Today they deserved this victory.