Alexander Moskalenko: 'We encourage the players to represent our country at the highest level'

Alexander Moskalenko: 'We encourage the players to represent our country at the highest level'

02 April 2019, 12:26
The Kazakhstan U21 senior coach, Alexander Moskalenko, in an interview with the press service of the Kazakhstan Football Federation told about the international tournament and preparation for the EURO-2021.

- From March 16 to March 26, the Kazakhstan U21 team held a pre-season training in Almaty and after in Turkey. What were the goals and main tasks?

- It was a kind of selection training. We met with some potentional players for the national team, they also got acquainted with our coaching staff and our philosophy. We conducted tactical exercises. In Almaty, we discussed all details and after played in the international tournament in Turkey.

- Could you comment on the results of the Antalya Cup 2019 competition?

- We gained very useful experience. Of course, we were disappointed with the result. Because we wanted to win, but failed because of different factors. In addition, psychologically it was a bit difficult, many players played at this level for the first time. In the match with Latvia tied - 1:1, but could and should have won.  We led with Estonia 1:0, but conceded a goal and lost - 1:2, and then we lost to Ukraine 0:2, because their squad was obviously stronger. In general, if we talk about the work of the team, the players showed good skills and intensity. They have a desire to learn and play European high-speed football.

- The tournament was held in a circular system. Another opponent was the Macedonia U21 team. Why did you not play with them?

- This team is one of our rivals in the EURO-2021 qualifying tournament. They refused to hold any matches against us, even with the reserve squad. The organizers, after consulting, decided to meet them. Otherwise, we really liked the tournament. The organization was at a high level, excellent fields.

- 21 players entered the squad. Are there other strongest players, who could strengthen the youth team?

- We recalled those who did their best during the pre-season training in Premier League clubs in Turkey. The first and second leagues have not yet been covered, but soon they will begin their championships and we will see their candidates. Actally, not all players met the requirements and criteria that should be presented to the youth team of Kazakhstan. So, some changes will take place anyway.

- The Premier League has already played three rounds. What do you think about the fact that young players do not get game practice in their clubs?

- It is a difficult question. They played friendly matches and took part in an international tournament. So, they are quite fit. If in the near future they do not get game practice in their clubs, they will lose confidence. At the same time, I saw that there is dedication and the level of the game is good.

- Yerkebulan Seidakhmet, Oralkhan Omirtayev, Nuraly Alip were recalled to the national team for the matches of the UEFA Euro-2020 against Scotland and Russia, but did not play. Is it possible to agree with Michal Bilek on the participation of these players in the official matches? And is there such a need?

- We are in constant interaction with the coaches of the national team. But, precisely in this period of time, it was decided that priority was given to the main squad. We encourage the players to represent our country at the highest level. 

- As part of the youth team there are two players who play abroad - Akmal Bakhtiyarov and Dinmukhamed Kashken. What can you say about them?

- Bakhtiyarov is in a good fit, he did his best and helped us a lot. Kashken, he has less game practice, respectively, the mood for the fight is somewhat different.