Coaches Renew Their License

Coaches Renew Their License

18 October 2019, 09:29
A seminar of the KFF Technical Center on renewing the licenses for coaches with UEFA A, B and PRO License was held on October 7-11, in Nur-Sultan.

Totally, 59 students (5 with PRO, 24 with A and 30 B licenses) attended the seminar. The regional coaches, Vladimir Nikitenko, Viktor Semenov and Evgeny Sveshnikov, were also invited to the workshop.

The KFF Technical Director, Ghenadie Scurtul, Director of the Technical Center, Arsen Inkarbekov, center instructors Alexey Shapurin and Stanislav Pogorelov took part in the workshop, which included such topics as modern match analysis techniques and how to plan the team’s training process based on the information received.

On October 10, all students attended the match Kazakhstan vs Cyprus, with the subsequent task to analyze the game. The next day, the seminar participants passed a practical exam based on the information received from the game.