Kazakhstan Wins Over Romania (4:2)

Kazakhstan Wins Over Romania (4:2)

27 October 2019, 00:24
The Kazakhstan futsal team beat the national team of Romania in the final match of the main round of the 2020 FIFA World Cup qualification.

The match ended with 4:2. Birzhan Orazov and Tynan (hat-trick) scored goals for the Kazakhstan team.

The Kazakhstan futsal team, having gained three confident victories, takes the first place in the group. Following Kazakhstan, the Romania national futsal team, taking the second place in the group, has qualified for the next stage.

Kazakhstan - Romania - 4:2 (1:2)

Goals: Orazov 30, Tynan 5, 30, 40 - Savio 1, Matei 4.

Unrealized penalty: Matei 18.