'Gefest' pre-game training session - Video

'Gefest' pre-game training session - Video

28 February 2020, 09:20
The pre-game training session of the Kazakhstani amateur football club 'Gefest' before the match against FC 'BN-Kaskelen'.

The UEFA Regions' Cup takes place every two years.

In 2018, FC 'Gefest' from the Karaganda region won the first place among amateur teams in Kazakhstan.

Last season, FC 'BN-Kaskelen' from the Almaty region won the domestic amateur championship

Today, the Kazakhstani amateur football clubs 'Gefest' and 'BN-Kaskelen' will play for the ticket to the prestigious European club tournament.

The match takes place at the Tobyl Arena, in Kostanay.