Magomed Adiev: “Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are fraternal peoples"

Magomed Adiev: “Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are fraternal peoples"

15 November 2022, 17:22
On the eve of the friendly match against Uzbekistan, Kazakhstani head coach Magomed Adiev answered questions from the media.

- On behalf of the Uzbekistan football community, we would like to congratulate you on your successful performance in the UEFA Nations League. What are your expectations from the tomorrow's match?

– Thank you very much for your congratulations! I have always believed and will continue to believe that Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are fraternal peoples. We can say that we expect a "fraternal match''. However, definetely, we will try to do our besttomorrow. We have great respect for our opponent. We will try to show those ideas that we tried to play in a short time. What will be the result - the game will show.

- How important is it to win over the national team of Uzbekistan?

- It is important for every coach and player to win. If we talk about a principled moment, then we do not have principles as such. Our first priority is to prepare for the 2024 UEFA Euro qualification.

- Before the start in the UEFA Nations League, there were some complaints about the squad in the national team. 

– Claims and dissatisfaction will always be. They have absolutely no effect on me. I'm even happy in my own way when discussing the choice of the coaching staff. If this happens among fans and experts, then I'm doing my job right. This is a normal process. The most important claims and doubts are in my head. Convincing yourself is the hardest part. If you have convinced yourself, then you will convince others. Currently, we are waiting for a number of friendly matches to prepare for the 2024 UEFA Euro qualification.