KFF hosts UEFA workshop for football doctors

KFF hosts UEFA workshop for football doctors

15 December 2022, 17:30
The Kazakhstan Football Federation held a two-day workshop for football doctors.

Doctors of the First League and women's football clubs, took part in the workshop. The course was devoted to the emergency conditions of football players both on and off the field, assistance with various types of injuries, as well as the coordinated work of the medical staff in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Other topics covered were anaphylactic shock, hypoglycemic syncope, convulsions, epilepsy, head and facial trauma, wound management, and others.

The speakers were resuscitator-anesthesiologists Asylkhan Mukanov, Baglan Kozbakov, cardiologist Victoria Vanzhula and doctor of the national teams of Kazakhstan Bauyrzhan Abaev.

“Such sworkshops will always be relevant, as doctors should always get ready to provide assistance in any situations and conditions. Given that medicine develops, similar workshops allow us to upgrade our knowledge and skills.

All doctors are satisfied, there were many questions and suggestions for improving the medical service in football. The information provided  was based on European practices, as well as the latest developments and research,” shared the doctor of the Kazakhstan national teams Bauyrzhan Abaev.

In addition to theory, emergency procedures of players with back injuries were held, as well as the use of an automatic external defibrillator in case of heart problems. The participants discussed cases of sudden death, concussions, diabetes, epilepsy and allergic reactions.

“The unbalanced condition occurs especially in football players who often take the ball to the chest, thereby causing a frequent injury to the chest. This can lead to sudden cardiac failure. The focus is also on trauma and diagnosis. The most important thing is to recognize in time a special condition that requires hospitalization.

A sports doctor must be careful. He needs to watch all the players. There are moments when there is a dangerous moment, something happens outside the field of vision of a sports doctor. If the doctor did not see how the player fell, then you need to follow the protocol and your personal knowledge.

Football doctors do not often face such situations, because football players are perfectly healthy people. However, there are times when these states are forgotten, standards and protocols are updated. Therefore, I think that such worshops should be held every year,” said lecturer Baglan Kozbakov.

It was very useful and informative, high-class specialists were invited. Now, we need to practice. Sports doctors in Kazakhstan have missed such events,” said Piotr Pustovar, a doctor of FC Shakhtar-Bulat.

the following people took part in the workshop:

Saken Dunesov - FC ''Kaisar''

Mukhabat Khaitmetova - FC "Academy Ontustik"

Tatyana Nesterenko - WFC "Okzhetpes"

Shyngys Kakimov - FC "Kairat-Zhastar"

Nursultan Bolatbekov - FC ''Baikonur''

Akram Muslimov - WFC "Tomiris-Turan"

Aidar Shabanbai - FC ''Astana'' (youth)

Sergey Vlasov - FC "Ekibastuz"

Ildar Isaev - FC ''Zhetysu''

Maya Narymbetova - ''SDYUSSHOR No. 17''

Piotr Pustovar - FC ''Shakhtar-Bulat''.