Educational program in football management officially launched in Kazakhstan

Educational program in football management officially launched in Kazakhstan

31 March 2023, 16:16
The program is aimed at training highly qualified domestic specialists.

An official event was held in Almaty to launch an educational program as part of a memorandum between the Kazakhstan Football Federation and Almaty Management University. The main goal of the project is to improve the skills and competence of management in the football industry.

At the opening of the event, President of the Kazakhstan Football Federation Adlet Barmenkulov, UEFA National Assosiations Director of the Strategic Development Department Ilya Kitich and Rector of AlmaU University Gulnara Kurenkeeva delivered an introductory speech to the audience.

KFF President Adlet Barmenkulov:

“The Kazakhstan Football Federation, with the support of UEFA, together with AlmaU University, is launching educational courses. Every year we need to graduate more than a thousand specialists. Currently, we have only 30 percent of the critical mass to implement our Strategy. We are focused on training new personnel and building communication. I think that in the future it should be only Kazakhstani specialists. And we need to implement it as soon as possible - a maximum of five years. I think we can do it, and we have everything for this.”

UEFA National Associations Strategic Development Department Ilya Kitich: “I am honored to be here at such a historic moment. I hope no one will forget the strong-willed victory of the Kazakhstan national team over Denmark. I want to congratulate everyone and separately KFF President Adlet Barmenkulov from UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin! I agree with the President that education is very important for the implementation of the strategy. I also want to congratulate you all, as you are the first students of these courses. I wish you success in your further development.”

The first educational program on the topic "Football organization management" was held from March 27 to 29 for the leaders of domestic football clubs. The course took place in the Youth Academy of FC "Kairat".

Professor of Coventry University Michael Anagnostu:

“Football management is important for managers, employees of football clubs and sports organizations. Because we learn how to manage and control the process of the organization. I would like to congratulate the Kazakhstan Football Federation and AlmaU University on the successful start of the project. This program should be standard for managers to avoid problems in sports organizations. Today we are working on sports marketing, brand management, how to add value to sports clubs and organizations, and how to properly define and understand our target audience, fans. But the most important thing is how we can create effective programs for local communities.” 

The next educational course starts at the end of April online.