Stanimir Stoilov: "We expected that it would be difficult"

Stanimir Stoilov: "We expected that it would be difficult"

06 September 2018, 23:51
After the match Kazakhstan vs Georgia - the first in the UEFA Nations League tournament, the Kazakhstan national team coach Stanimir Stoilov answered the questions at the post-match press conference.

- That's a pity that we lost our first home game. I think we conceded two goals because of our own mistakes. Georgia scored a good goal. Perhaps, we played, not confident enough.

- What can you say about the game as a whole, despite the result?

- Actually, I like the game fifty fifty. In the second half we started well, controlled the ball, but got a goal. The team was not quite confident. We want to win and will grow, we need to be more confident. In addition, not all of the players are physically fit.

- Beisebekov played on the right side, and failed over and over again. Was it possible to substitute the player after the first half?

- I do not think that there were such serious problems that it had been necessary to make a substitution after 45 minutes of play. The team was under huge preassure. The players are not fit enough. Of course, we should make several substitutions in the next match. 

- How do you assess the chances of the Kazakhstan national team in the UEFA Nations League?

- We expected that it would be difficult. It is possible that due to the short preparation and some other reasons. He thought that we could use our strength in counterattacks. There was not enough confidence, for this it is necessary to play more and at a high level. Our chances? First we need to win at least one game. As I said, Georgia is the favorite of our group. We will try to score the most points in the remaining matches. The war is not lost. Previously, the Kazakhstan team played the second number, but today they tried to play first. But some players were afraid and made mistakes. However, we will continue. I and the coaching staff will try to do everything to help our players improve and develop their skills. The players are trying and they want more. If you want to win, you need not be afraid.