Igor Utrobin: 'Children are our future'

Igor Utrobin: 'Children are our future'

03 April 2019, 11:07
The Director of the KFF Youth Football Department, Igor Utrobin, told about the competitions and tournaments that are held in season 2019, in Kazakhstan.

- Igor Vladimirovich, could you tell us about the youth football tournaments in Kazakhstan?

- Currently, there are about 26 Championships and Republican tournaments are held in Kazakhstan. First of all, these are tournaments held by KFF among teams of football centers and academies, such as the Kazakhstan Championship, the Kazakhstan Cup, the Republican Arman and Zhastar tournaments, and the Kazakhstan Championship among girls. In addition, the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan among the teams of the First League FC, the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan among the combined teams of the regions and cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent and the project Coca-Cola Bylgary Dop.

- Why are the republican tournaments Arman and Zhastar so important?

- These competitions are provided for teams under-17 and under-19 years old. In these tournaments, starting preparation for the season, the specialists of national teams have the opportunity to see all the teams and players. Teams of football centers and academies of Kazakhstan also take part in these tournaments. The principle of conducting two tournaments is similar. The difference is that, as already mentioned, they are played by senior training groups. Both tournaments take place in February and March. In the preliminary stage, the two best teams of each of the four groups qualified for the final, which already took place from March 17 to 24.

- How did you get the idea to launch the Kazakhstan Championship among girls?

- This pilot project was initially approved, as women's football is developing in our country and has full support. In addition, starting this year, each club competing for a certificate of participation in competitions held under KFF should have at least one women's youth team on its base. In the season of 2019 it will be girls aged 12-14 years. Indeed, the year 2019 for the championship among girls will be the starting point. We hope that it will be successful.

- Why do the teams of the football clubs of the First League hold a separate championship?

- The Championship of Kazakhstan among the teams of the First League football clubs will be held in 4 stages, each team plays with every other team in four circles. Tthere are only three age groups, each of which has at least four teams. During the season, they play up to 50 matches from May to August. 

- What can you say about the Championship of Kazakhstan among combined regions and cities?

- Kazakhstan Championship among teams of regions and cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent is limited to one stage - the final. It involves national teams that have won in their regions. That is, it provides that before the final stages in each region or city should be held Championships of the regions. According to their results, on the basis of the winners of the Championships of the regions, the national teams of a certain region should be formed. They, in turn, must represent their region or city. These are teams that do not belong to football centers and academies, but represent a separate structure. In the competitions there are six age categories from 2002 to 2007, with 17 teams in each. For the season, which lasts from June to August, youth teams of each age hold 44 games. It is necessary