Magomed Adiev: "Today's defeat shows that we have weaknesses"

Magomed Adiev: "Today's defeat shows that we have weaknesses"

26 September 2022, 01:59
Kazakhstani head coach Magomed Adiev commented on the match against Azerbaijan (0:3) in the last round of the UEFA Nations League:

- Congratulations on the victory. I have already congratulated Giovanni De Biasi. Now, you have your ways, we have our way.

- Did your team have less motivation in this game?

- We need to regain our strength. After the previous match, it was hard to recover psychologically. We played poorly.

- Are you satisfied with the result in the group stage?

- Today's defeat hurt me. On the one hand, I am glad that it happened like this. We saw that there are things to think about and analyze for further development. In general, I am satisfied with our position in the tournament. For us, this is a big step forward. However, today's defeat shows that we have weaknesses.

- What do you think about the performance of Adilet Sadybekov and Abylaikhan Zhumabek, who made their debut today?

- It is difficult to say something, because both of them played less. As a coach, I wanted to check some players. I gave them the opportunity to show themselves not only in training, but also in such important matches. In general, I can say that the first game is not bad.

- Why didn't Zainutdinov play?

- Bakhtiyor Zainutdinov was injured in the match against Belarus, so he did not participate in today's match. It will take several weeks for it to fully recover.