Michal Bilek: 'I want the players to feel responsibility as the national team'

Michal Bilek: 'I want the players to feel responsibility as the national team'

04 February 2019, 16:14
Head coach of the Kazakhstan national team, Michal Bilek, answers to journalists' questions at his first press conference as head coach.

- I am glad that I headed the Kazakhstan national team. We have scheduled a training preparation in February. Currently, we are watching and studying the players' skills and their level of preparation. The coaching staff are going to Turkey tomorrow. There we are planning to hold a meeting and discuss all the players and plans for the preparation. We will also discuss the style of the game. We have many players and each of them will get a chance.

- How long did you make a decision, after you had received an offer to lead our national team?

- Negotiations were about three weeks. The decision was not easy, because I had a contract with the Czech FC 'Fastav Zlin'. But the leaders of the club could understand my decision and my desire to work as head coach of the national team.

- What did you know about the Kazakhstan national team before?

- I watched the matches of the Czech FC 'Slavia' against 'Astana' in the Europa League. Several years ago I discussed Kazakhstani football with Miroslav Beranek, who coached the national team and FC 'Astana' at that time. I think, I know have enough about Kazakhstan.

- What is the term of your contract?

- The contract has been signed for one year. We need to work hard. We have to play well in the European Championship qualification.

- Before the start of the next qualification there are nine more weeks. What can you say about the preparation of the national team? 

- As I said, we have a training camp scheduled in Turkey. And after we will prepare a further plan for the European Championship qualifying  tournament.

- Stanimir Stoilov has repeatedly noted that one of our main problems is about good forwards. How can you comment on this? And also, what problems in general have already you noticed in our team?

- We have a list of forwards that need to be studied in the training process. This is the only way to appreciate the possibility. I can only say that attacking players in home games tried to play combinational football, and at away games the team devoted more time to defense and standard positions.

- What style of football do you want the team to play?

- I want the team to play in disciplined football, so that the players feel responsiblility. I do not consider it necessary to constantly control the ball, but I will ask the guys to play more aggressively and quickly in attack. I prefer high-speed football, with active actions around the opponent's penalty area.

-  Are you afraid of failing in your career after several unsuccessful results?

- Our group in the qualifying round of the European Championship is difficult, but I'm not afraid of anything. I watched several mathces of the team in the UEFA Nations League, and I think that Kazakhstan showed good football. We will plan the right tactics for each upcoming match.

- I would like to understand what kind of person you are: a democrat or a dictator?

- I pay great attention to discipline within the team. If there is no discipline in the team, then we will not be able to achieve success.

- Could you tell us about your assistant Mr. Hipp?

- I have known each other for a few years. We played together and against each other. He speaks Russian very well (Laughs).