Kazakhstan Futsal Team's Preparation - Video

Kazakhstan Futsal Team's Preparation - Video

27 January 2020, 19:43
The Kazakhstan futsal team continues to prepare for the elite round of the World Cup-2020.

The Kazakhstan futsal team successfully qualified from the main round in October 2019, when they confidently defeated the national teams of Albania (4:0), the Netherlands (5:0) and Romania (4:2).

All the matches of the group 5 took place in the Romanian town of Piatra-Nyamnt.

All the matches of the elite round will be played in the Czech city of Brno as follows:

02.02.2020 Kazakhstan vs Romania

03.02.2020 Slovenia vs Kazakhstan  

05.02.2020 Kazakhstan vs Czech Republic

In General, 16 teams divided into four groups will compete in the elite round. The winners of the groups qualify for the final tournament. The runners-up will compete in the play-offs (home-and-away matches).

Lithuania qualifies automatically as host of the tournament.

Totally, 24 teams will participate in the final part of the competition.

The draw for tournament trophies will take place from September 12 to October 2020.

Kazakhstan has already qualified for the final stage. 

For more information about the current preparation of the Kazakhstan futsal team, watch the video below.