Republican Tournament 'Arman' Takes Place in Taraz

Republican Tournament 'Arman' Takes Place in Taraz

07 February 2020, 17:40
A preliminary stage of the annual republican tournament 'Arman' among youth teams of football centers and academies will take place in Taraz, from February 9 to February 16.

The competition will be attended by players born in 2002. All the matches will take place at the stadiums Ulan and Zhastar.

The goal of the tournament is to look at potential players for the Kazakhstan national under-19 team. The KFF Football Centers YouTube channel will broadcast all the matches at the Zhastar stadium.

17 teams are divided into 4 groups.

Group А

Group B

Group C

Group G

'Kairat' (Almaty)

'Shakhter' (Karaganda)

'Ordabasy' (Shymkent)

'Tobol' (Kostanay)

'Kaisar' (Kyzylorda)

'Ontustik' (Shymkent)

'Kyzyl-Zhar SK' (Petropavlovsk)

 'Aktobe' (Aktobe)

'Okzhetpes' (Kokshetau)

 'Astana' (Nur Sultan)

'Zhetysu' (Taldykorgan')

'Taraz' (Taraz)

 'Semey' (Semey)

 'ERTIS' (Pavlodar)

'Akzhayik' (Uralsk)

'Altai' (Ust Kamenogorsk)

'Atyrau' (Atyrau)

Games Schedule:

February 10 (Monday)

10 a.m. Kairat - Shakhter (Zhastar stadium)

10 a.m. Ontustik - Kyzyl-Zhar SK (Ulan stadium)

12:00 p.m. Ordabasy - Tobol (Zhastar stadium)

12:00 p.m. Aktobe - Okzhetpes (Ulan stadium)

2 p.m. Astana - Zhetysu (Zhastar stadium)

2 p.m. ERTIS - Akzhayik (Ulan stadium)

4 p.m. Taraz - Semey (Zhastar stadium)

4 p.m. Altai - Atyrau (Ulan Stadium)

February 11 (Tuesday)

2 p.m. Shakhter - Kaisar (Zhastar stadium)

4 p.m. Ordabasy - Kairat (Zhastar stadium)

February 12 (Wednesday)

10 a.m. Aktobe - Ontustik (Zhastar stadium)

12:00 p.m. Okzhetpes - Kyzyl-Zhar SK (Zhastar stadium)

12:00 p.m. Astana - Taraz (Ulan Stadium)

2 p.m. ERTIS - Altai (Zhastar stadium)

2 p.m. Zhetysu - Semey (Ulan stadium)

4 p.m. Akzhayik - Atyrau (Zhastar stadium)

February 13 (Thursday)

12:00 p.m. Kaisar - Kairat (Zhastar stadium)

2 p.m. Tobol - Shakhter (Zhastar stadium)

February 14 (Friday)

10 a.m. Kyzyl-Zhar SK - Aktobe (Zhastar stadium)

12:00 p.m. Okzhetpes - Ontustik (Zhastar stadium)

12:00 p.m. Atyrau - ERTIS (Ulan Stadium)

2 p.m. Altai - Akzhayik (Zhastar stadium)

2 p.m. Semey - Astana (Ulan stadium)

4 p.m. Taraz - Zhetysu (Zhastar stadium)

4 p.m. Kaisar - Ordabasy (Ulan stadium)

February 15 (Saturday)

2 p.m. Kairat - Tobol (Zhastar stadium)

February 16 (Sunday)

12:00 p.m. Shakhter - Ordabasy (Zhastar stadium)

2 p.m. Tobol - Kaisar (Zhastar stadium).